Featured doll - Amelie_Royale

Hey everyone, 
as you may remember, Amelie_Royale placed first in last weeks competition!

Here is her winning entry for the high & street fashion makeup competition

 I interviewed her earlier in the week. Read it below to get to know the beautiful Amelia a bit better.

 Tell us a bit about yourself;
Hello everybody c: My name is Amelia, I'm 18 years old and I live in a small town near Venice. At the moment I'm attending my last year of high school. I study languages (English, German and Russian) and my dream job is to become an interpreter. I LOVE arab countries and arab culture, I hope one day to move to Qatar or Saudi Arabia, and I LOVEEE PUGS :3. What I dislike? FIrst of all spiders, I have arachnophobia ;-;, then I don't like fish at all :c

 How/When did you find stardoll?
Well, I have known about stardoll since 2007 I guess, I was a little girl playing stardoll with fakies or just dressing up celebs. In 2010 I decided to join this site seriously, but unfortunately 2 years ago a friend in Stardoll hacked my account (I had many rares, especially DKNY, which she was collecting, and she stole the best things), so I closed down that account. Last year I decided to join again and here I am c:

 If you could have anyones closet on stardoll who would it be and why?
Oh gosh, hard question, mmh, I think I would love to have Ceren.gk, she has anything I would love to have *-*

 What are your future goals - on stardoll / in life?
Future goals in Stardoll, well, I hope to get the entire collection of Givenchy, then I would love to become CG, but I am to lazy to spam or broadcast xD
In real life I am trying to loose weight and I am trying to find who I really am, my peculiarities. Then my biggest goal would be being accept at university (there is a closed number faculty, where I can become an interpreter ^-^). Oh, and I want to adopt a pug *-*

 How would you best describe your style?
I don't know xD I know what is fashionable, I know what I like to wear and I mix up, this is why sometimes my outfits are not really cool, but at least they represent me. A bit trash maybe?

And finally - what would your speech have been if you needed to make one as competition winner?
First I would thank who voted for me, it is such an honor to be the winner and to be featured to this amazing blog c:♥ Then I would become red-faced and I would run away lol

Amelia has created this beautiful scenery below showing us the stardoll summer 'must haves' this year.

 Now this rooms theme from Amelia's suite may be the complete opposite of our theme for the week but it is stunning and makes you wish you were there ♥

Make sure to click [HERE] to visit her suite and congratulate her by voting 5|5

Thank you for reading

Love Sarah



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