Featured doll: --Sharonn--

Hey guys! This weeks featured doll is --Sharonn--
 Congratulations to her for making such a beautiful scenery inspired by nature ♥

Here is her winning entry:

This morning she answered a few questions to tell us about herself! 

 Tell us a bit about yourself:

Well as you might have already guessed, my name is Sharon. I'm 20 years old, yeah kinda old for SD but I made my account back in 2007 and just can't leave it xD Also I live a small country, but I'm a girl with a BIG dream! My dream job is to become a celebrity stylist, like for red carpets and so on. I'm a Fasion student at the moment so I'm working on it ^-^
Between school and my weekend job I like to play Stardoll, draw/paint, watch movies and tv shows. My fav are PLL, TVD, TO, GOT, Reign and Nikita.

What is your favorite stardoll feature and why?

I think this would be the design sections because you can make anything, just be creative!
I also like the store's, mostly the tribute onces! I know many of you don't but I find design rooms also fun :D

 If you could have anyones closet on Stardoll who would it be and why?

Woah this is a tough one... I never go through anyones closet.. Why? Because I'll just be like: "This is gor! Omg love this one!" and so on, and there go my stardollars bye bye!
Haha so It's better for me to avoid the closets.. My wish list is big enough as it is. (it's in my pres, check it out lol)

 What are your future goals - on stardoll / in life

On Stardoll I have already reached so many things, and I'm very thankful for each one of them ♥ There's only one thing left, get into the Semi-finals or so from MSW.
In real life, I just want to travel, like a lot, see new places, meet new people, learn new things and grow as a person, be happy ♥

 What makes you different from the rest of the dolls on Stardoll?

I've had my own style since I joined, I never copied anyone, I might get inspired but I'll never copy! Many dolls are kinda rude and selfish but I always (try to) stay kind. I'm not here for the fame or money. I'm here to have fun and meet new people and use Stardoll to be creative.

 What would your speech have been if you needed to make one as competition winner?

"First I would like to thank everyone who voted for me, because without your votes I couldn't have come this far! Secondly I would like to bring out a message to all the lovely dolls out here, you can accomplish anything, as long as you believe in it and just keep pushing! I've heard people say, I can't do this or that, well I've started at level 0. And back in 2007 you got NOTHING when you joined, no money, no clothing, no make-up. So just stay creative, be yourself and believe in yourself ♥"
Love, Sharon ♥

I would describe Sharon's suite as being very glamorous. Here are some of my favourite rooms!

Make sure to congratulate Sharon and vote her 5|5 by clicking [here]!

Thank you for reading

Love Sarah ♥



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