How to: Stay safe on Stardoll!

 Hey dolls

Recently there has been a lot of comments about scamming, hacking and getting deleted on stardoll.

Nobody wants any of this to happen to them so i'm going to share my tips on how to keep your account safe.

This post may be text heavy but it is very important

  This is probably the most obvious tip that I could give but..

They are rules for a reason.


It is simple! Follow the rules and stardoll will not delete you for breaking them. 

I am going to go through some of these rules throughout this post just to make sure you get it. You WILL be deleted for breaking any one of them. Even if it is just one time. 

Click [here] to read the rules.


 Can you believe that not everyone reads them? (They have updated over the years so even if you read them a long time ago - do it again.)


Obvious tip number 2?


You may be certain that you can trust someone but
1. It is a violation of the Stardoll rules.
2. Like the Stardoll safety quiz says - they could be anyone.

Some day it could stab you in the back. You could get items stolen, hacked or deleted and there would be nothing you can do because Stardoll has stopped giving second chances. 

Meaning if you get hacked they will automatically assume you gave out your password and it is your fault.

Now the post above about getting hacked being your fault may not always be true. The odds of someone getting your password through a program is well.. 300,000,000 to 1

But it has happened in the past. This is not to scare you but to help you avoid it!  

1. Never download a program from a website you have never heard of. 
Examples of secure websites;, Most people would know these websites are safe to download from.

Some programs contain malware can could possibly take all your information so always be sure!

You can use [McAfee site advisor] to help you with this 

 Also remember to have an antivirus software such as Norton, McAfee or a free one like AVG

Now this is for the people who are confused with stardoll rules. It is not included in the one-stop rules which stardoll should really update. 

Special thanks to Snowy for this image

Meaning you can not sell Stardollar items for Starcoins 
and you can not sell Starcoin items for Stardollars

I hope this cleared it up for you. 

 This has brought me to one of the most broken rules on stardoll

 You can not trade an item on stardoll for another item. It is not allowed and usually causes people to be scammed, but really whose fault is it? Your own because you broke the rules. As harsh as it is, it is true and nobody can help you get the items back

You have to accept the rules and not break them, it's easy!

One last thing, if you see someone else breaking the rules, what do you do?

Now the reason why I didn't just say report them is because they need to know what they are doing wrong! Help them realize that what they are doing is against the rules and will cause their account to be permanently terminated with no chance of re-activation

I'll leave you with this picture. Would you like it sent to your email? I have gotten this email and it is the worst email I have ever gotten. I have learned and I hope everyone else will too without it having to go this far.

I hope this helped and I hope you read this and if there are any other questions you would like answered just ask us on the contact page!

Love Sarah

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