A Carnival Tutorial

Welcome all

It's that time of the year again where all the colors and the bright clothing,weird and wonderful, comes out again! Of course I am talking about Carnivals!

Today I am going to show you how to get your doll to spread the excitement and colors on this beginners Carnival tutorial.

We're trying to get this look and by the end of the tutorial you'll all hopefully have it like that or maybe even better

Let's Begin!

 Firstly for the eyes I used eye-liner of three different colours; Blue, Black and Green. Give your doll  the butterfly eye-liner effect.

For this I lightly used green eye-shadow first just at the bottom corner of my eye, then purple. For the top I just used red well but not overdoing it.  I also recommend the colours yellow/red/orange eye-shadow so it blends in well.

Mascara was what I went to next, simply just a black mascara is needed.

Then depending on the colours you have used buying contacts is the way to go. Normally priced around 9-15sd each you can find them for good prices in the starbazaar.


This is the easiest step here! For blusher I used brown and pink ever so slightly on my cheekbones.


Lipstick colours may vary depending again on your skin tone. For my colour doll I used light pink. I used a thick layer at the top and a lighter layer at the bottom. Remember choose your Lip feature wisely.


I did not use any jewellery for this makeover except a carnival face mask which is given to you during stardoll academy.

STEP 5: HAIRFor the hair go as crazy as you can but not too over the top. Add highlights and mess around with your hair colors a bit.

xoxo Jasmine ~ Donty123



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