Star Design Tips and How To

For people who are still getting confused from designing especially beginners, I will give you full detailed tips. 

-Before you start, try to keep template as its if you can so if you wished to buy a lot or rework on it you won’t need to move it.
-Review design often because sometimes pieces go to different places also don’t forget mirror effect.

-Sometimes you get confused where to put pieces correctly. Lining really helpful.  
When you get pieces in their place just remove lines. 

-Making sleeves, collars, pockets, shading. Just pick the right shape


They could work in shading, making face or shine. 

-Limit causes problems especially in fashion and interior. Here are some examples for replacements/ideas for shapes.

1-Letters got many fonts and many ways to make, some like this. 

2-Clouds work instead of words, for making scratches or maybe torn part. they are really helpful for me 

 They might seem like leaves shapes also work in words or reshaping something. 

 Heart doesn't have to be just heart, maybe bone, upper lips 

This might be weird and confusing, but if you got design that really requires lots of work and you just can’t reduce pieces you can try this idea, but you will have to either mix colors, make it lighter or darker. Mirror effect will help you in this most of times

1-Make base and remember the pieces color will change. 

2-In this design since it’s simple I just used mirror effect, to make the second side. 

3- Match colors with picking a transparent piece, and use the transparent fabric. 

Remember when you design always check all pieces, their reshaping and mix.
Even apple work like here in hybrid theory. 

Thank you for reading and good luck designing



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