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Hey dolls! 

As you may recall, the beautiful Martina won the greek myth inspired competition with her creative new room in her suite last week!

With the contrast between both sides, no wonder you all voted her.

Who is excited to learn more about her? Well, you're in luck as I interviewed her earlier this week! 

 Hey! So can you tell us a bit about yourself?
 Hi everyone! My name is Martina, I'm 16 (nearly 17 woah) and I can't really describe my personality but I would say I'm really sarcastic and have a weird sense of humor that not everyone understands ;)
In real life I used to be really active and I liked playing volleyball and swimming and all that but now as my "hobbies" I like listening to music, just chillin and chillin. I chill a lot ç-ç

How did you find stardoll?
 Mmh I used to play back in 2008 with my best friend and we had like a little old computer and used to just dress up dolls and play games but then I kinda got addicted an kept playing for a bit but then forgot about but now I'm back with a new account and I'm planning on staying :)

If you could have anyones closet on stardoll who would it be and why?
 I don't remember most of the people I visit o.o but I would have moiragrog's and Tennowey's ; not because of rares and stuff, but just bc I love their style and ofc also clothes !
What are your future goals?
 My future goal on stardoll is to top up ASAP! haha since my ss has 2 days left D:
Also becoming MSW Semi-Finalist would be really nice but I don't think I will..
In real life, I just want to go well at school and make new friends since I'm in a whole new class and I'm kind of shy with new people :)

How would you best describe your style?
My style.. I have 3 different styles: my school style, which is jeans, tshirt, and ugly clothes in general cause idc so homeless style ; weekend style: stuff that I don't wear at school and also chunky boots so a bit 90's style, and my stardoll style is really a mix, I like wearing my platforms and 100% grunge but also nice dresses with flowers and love so I guess homeless couture?? maybe??

What would your speech have been if you needed to make one as competition winner?
I would just thank everyone who voted and liked my entry I guess :D It's not like I won an Oscar but well I'm really happy I won and I didn't expect it at all! I just took inspiration from the myth of Persephone and Hades and made an entry real quick and boom submit haha
And again thank you for voting :)

If you had to choose a creature from a greek myth what would you be and why?
 If I had to choose a creature? omg well as a creature I would be Pegasus for sure, I would just be flying around chillin like a real winged horse would do.
But as a goddness I would be Persephone, cause she's pretty cool and dark and queen of the underworld omg cmon now she's amaze!


The rest of her suite is just as beautiful but these were my favourite rooms while I was observing her suite.

Click >here< to visit Martina and give her 5|5 for her amazing doll and suite!

Thank you for reading

Love Sarah



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