Inspired competition

Hey dolls!

So here is that time of the month where Stardolls Most Wanted, our sister blog, sponsors prizes for a competition for you guys!

This weeks theme as you can see is Greek Mythology requested by many of you!

To the people who don't know...what can I do for my entry this week you say?
I'm going to give you some ideas and inspiration right now! I didn't know much myself but I learned a lot from doing research.

How to enter this weeks competition
Submit an outfit, scenery or makeup picture using our 'Contact us' page. (Instructions are up the top.)
Your entry can be inspired by anything Greek that may or may not have existed.
You must be joined to our site by clicking the 'Join this site' button to your right!


While doing research I found so many amazing things to do with Greek mythology but by far these were my favourites and here is how you can use them.


Idea: They were supposedly known for their beauty and looks. You could do your interpretation of what they would look like using make-up. But remember, it's myth! Anything goes. 

Maybe you could create an inspired outfit! You never know what they may have worn so it's up to you to be creative. Maybe they really did wear togas!

Mythical creatures
This brings me to this beautiful idea of a tree nymph! (Also known as Dryads)

They were supposedly beautiful creatures that were part of trees and if the tree died they would die with it.

Idea: Maybe you could dress a tree in clothes or dress your doll in trees!

and last but not least

I'm sure you've all heard of the famous Medusa described as having the face of a human with snakes instead of hair. They said gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone.

You could do a mystical scenery that some of these gods, creatures or anything else could fit in to!

I know this post is long but the topic really interested me when I was doing research. I hope it interests you too.

Good luck everyone. Entries must be in by early Wednesday!

Love Sarah



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