Early 1900's Fashion

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great week. This Tuesday's article is about fashion from the early 1900's and recreating the looks on Stardoll. I am very interested in history and historical fashion. Fashion has changed so much over the centuries as you'll see with these 5 outfits. The way women were expected to dress has also changed quite remarkably since 1900, where women were expected to cover up all the way to their ankles and wrists to the 1940's where women were expected to dress nicely but more comfortably and practical and showed a lot more skin compared to the very early 1900's. Compare 1900's with now and it's amazing how much fashion and societies view on how women should dress has changed. Even comparing the 1940's till now you will see a lot of change.

Here are the 5 looks that I have created mostly using items from the store Decades which was taken out about 6 months ago. I used many Starcoin items as well. Starting from the 1900's to 1940's.
1900's: During the 1900's the style for women was very conservative with skirts touching the floor, long puffed sleeves, a very high collar and flouncy fronts on the blouses. (I couldn't find a collar high enough to match on SD) Women still wore corsets underneath and the ideal silhouette was big "pigeon" breast, very narrow waist. 
I used: 'Fluide Long Skirt' from Voile, 'Russian Blouse' from It Girls, 'White Elegant Top' from Basics, 'Glitter Belt' from Wild Candy, 'Perfect Mansion Straw hat' from Millionaire Mansion store and 'Lace-up Ankle Boots' from Decades

1910's:  During the 1910's the style for women had great "Oriental" influences and skirts came to the ankle. The biggest trend was hip long tunics over "hobble" skirts that came to the ankle. Towards the end of the decade women started the cut their hair short and also stopped wearing corsets. After WW1 started many women had to start working and required clothing that could easily be worked in, so they introduced shorter skirts.
I used: 'Secrets of The Manor dress' from In The Middle Books, 'Golden Waist Belt' from Decades, 'Simple Oversized Hat' from Simple, 'Golden Rose Bracelet' Special Offer, and 'Lace-up Ankle Boots' from Decades.

1920's: During the 1920's fashion changed very significantly and entered what is considered the modern era. Women started wearing shorter skirts and trousers. Women's fashion really changed in this decade as society was changing women's rights and roles in the workforce and home. Hemlines rose significantly and women started wearing looser clothing. Coco Chanel had a very large impact on the fashion in the 1920's. The iconic image of the "flapper" emerged in 1926 with low waistlines and short hemlines.
I used:  'Classic Flapper Dress' from Decades, 'Inspired By Chanel handbag' from Decades, 'Flower hat' from Decades, 'Black Row Heels' from It Girls

1930's: During the 1930's there was a great economic crisis know as "The Great Depression" and in 1939 the start of WW2. Fashion was affected by the economic situation in ways such as the use of manmade material such as rayon and viscose. The waist line has risen back to the natural waist and skirts became a little longer. Towards the end of the decade shoulder pads became popular. 
I used: 'Short Sleeve Blouse' from It Girls, 'Houndstooth Pencil Skirt' from Decades, 'Inspired by Chanel handbag' from Decades, 'Fallen Angel fedora' from Fallen Angel and 'Coco Pumps' from Decades

1940's: During the 1940's, fashion didn't move very far until the end of WW2 in 1945. The war affected the fashion industry because of rationing of material and dye for fabric. Women wore knee-length skirts and simple blouses. The invention of the "shirtwaist dress" happened during the 1940's, a dress that could be worn for almost everything that was a very versatile garment that was to the knee, sleeves and a button down front. After the war fashion sprang back and synthetic fabric became even more popular for its versatility, durability and retention of pleats. In 1947 Dior launched the first collection of 'House of Dior'.  Mid length skirts were still popular. Peplum jackets and matching pencil skirts became very popular. 
I used: 'Red Wrap Forties Dress' from Window's of the World, 'White Bow Pumps' from Perfect Day,  'Prato in Fiore Shoulder bag' from It Girls.

Thank you for reading my article on early 1900's fashion, next week I'll write about the late 1900's fashion, so the 1950's to 1990's.

Love, Amy Katrina csi12asa




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