Grunge Styled Outfits

  Grunge Styled Outfits

                  “Grunge is nothing more than the way we dress when we have no money,”
                                                        Jean Paul Gaultier

Grunge fashion was born around the 90's and has evolved as the years have passed to be one one of the most popular influences for fashion in present day, specially around the young generations. Now we see in stores how we have to pay crazy amounts of money for a flannel or a ripped old looking jacket in order to achieve a grunge look however that is the exact opposite of what grunge was back in the days due to the fact that this style was first created in order to be cheap and functional. Flannels for warmth, boots to keep out the wet and so on. Its a esthetic born out from necessity. Now a days in Stardoll we see a lot of grunge outfits and thats why I decided to create two outfits that replicate this style.

   What I am wearing:
                                                   ( Products not avaliable in stores are highlighted)
                                                                 Dolly Demin Shirt - Pretty and Love
                                                          Tompkin Square Dark Jacket - Bonjour Bizou
                                                              LE Sherriff Necklace - Limited Edition
                                                                   Basic Black Long Skirt - Basics
                                                                     Rust Red Platforms - Archive
                                                                  Burgundy Purse - Pretty and Love
Pinklovelemons Tip:

Most of us love how a flannel tied around your waist looks and its very help full when creating a grunge look, however most of us don't own one on Stardoll. Instead of paying crazy prices for one go to Bonjour Bizou last pages and get yourself two of the "Beat Poet Scarf" which are just 36sc each in order to recreate a flannel around your waist as shown on my look.
 What I am wearing:
                                  (Products not avaliable in stores are highlighted)
                                                   Black Assymetrical Top - Basics
                                                            Trill Hat - Nelly
                                                    MDNA Earrings - Royalty Store
                                                    MDNA Necklace - Royalty Store
                                                        Leatherbands - RIO
                                                  Tartan Wool Skirt - Bonjour Bizou
                                                       Crossover Knot Belt - Apres Ski
                               High Heeled Boots w Scrounched Down Socks - Archive
                                                  Black Platform Loafers - Fallen Angel

Pinklovelemons Tip:

If you don't have royalty status yet there are plenty of ways to replace the items shown here. For example if you want the "MDNA Necklace" look just head yourself over to Fallen Angel theres plenty of cross necklaces to choose from and layer with other necklaces and the best is that almost all of them are sc. If you want the "MDNA Earrings" go to stardesign jewerly and get yourself a pair of black hoop earrings which would eventually do the trick. The last tip I have is buy the "Black Loafers" shown in my look they are versatile and work great as an statement shoe I am truly obssesed with them.

A little bit about yours truly:

Since this is my first post I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about mysef. I have played stardoll for a little bit over more than 4 years however I was not into it as much as I do now. I feel inlove with stardoll in January of this year. I dont like my real life name so I just tell people to call me Pink. What I love the most in stardoll and life in general is fashion its been a great part of my life since I was very little. Contrary to popular belief I am very friendly. I currently living in New York. I hope you liked my post.

Do you guys like grunge fashion? Show me your outfits!

 Hope you enjoyed my post, See you in the comments



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