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Hi everyone! This is my follow-up article to last week, this article will be highlighting the fashion from 1950's to 1990's. I really enjoyed making these articles about historical fashion. Fashion has changed quite substantially over the decades and again I will try to recreate the looks of each decade on SD. From the 1950's on, fashion has changed, although not as much change in terms of women's rights and what was deemed acceptable for women to wear as it did in the first half of the 1990's. Also since the 1960's fashion subgroups have emerged and are still present today.

Here is the 5 looks I put together using various items from the Starplaza and Starbazaar. I also used a few starcoin items. 

1950's: During the 1950's the 'New Look' from Dior 1947 still had a huge bearing on 1950's style. Fashion was still very feminine and form fitting. The ideal silhouette was pointed bust, small waist and full skirt.  Women's role had changed a slight bit after the war and women were expected to stay home and take care of family because of all the "baby-boomers" being born, so they were expected to dress "wifely". Cocktail dresses became popular for evening parties that weren't formal but weren't casual either. The most iconic fad in the 1950's was 'Poodle Skirts' which was a full mid calf skirt with a little fabric appliqu√© poodle on the corner. 

I used: 'New Look dress' from Decades, 'White BillieJ shoes' from Callie's Picks and 'Prato In Fiore Shoulder bag' from It Girls

1960's: During the 1960's there were many fads and trends that changed fashion like the mini skirt. Fashion had also slightly less influence from designers and more influence from normal young people and celebrities like Jackie Kennedy and Twiggy. Shift dresses were very popular in the 1960's. 1964 was a year that changed modern fashion forever  with the introduction of the iconic miniskirt, many fashionable ladies donned the iconic miniskirt. Bell bottom trousers and pantsuits also came into style, along with low "kitten" heels. This is the decade where fashion sub-groups emerged like "The Mods" and their rival group "The Rockers". Mods were know for their taste in modern Jazz and masculine style for women. Rockers loved 1950's rock-n-roll and were known for wearing leather jackets. The Hippie trend emerged in the late 1960's.
I used: 'Peach Button Dress' from Windows on the World, 'Compact Carpet bag' from Pretty In Love and 'Pretty Shoes' from Pretty In Love.

1970's: During the 1970's fashion was very relaxed and comfortable with the continuation of some trends from the 1960's like bell bottom trousers and miniskirts. The Hippie look had fully emerged in the 1970's and many people wore peasant blouses, bell bottom jeans and tie-dye shirts. Not all women wanted to go for the hippie look and were more attracted to glamour. Glamorous looks included miniskirts, hot pants, pastel colours and go-go boots. The biggest trend in the glamorous look was sweaters. In the mid 1970's t-shirts changed from undershirts to casual wear and the hippie look had disappeared. Disco had emerged in the late 1970's with sequined short dresses, spandex shorts and dresses with long slits, metallic fabric and of course platform heels. 

I used: 'Hot Buys Woven Peasant Top' from Bonjour Bizou, 'High Waist Jeans' from Decades, 'Eco Design Platform Shoes' from Eco Design For a Better World store and 'Sienna Fringe Purse' from Tingeling
1980's: During the 1980's many iconic fads had sprung up like big hairstyles and aerobics clothing. The punk movement also emerged in the 1980's. Early 1980's fashion was minimalistic and functional with sweaters and jelly shoes emerging. Aerobics clothing also became a fad with neon coloured leggings, hot pants, leg warmers and track suits. The mid 1980's to lat 1980's bright colours were very fashionable. Madonna had a great impact on the style of women with short skirts over fishnet tights, rubber bracelets, hair bows and tulle skirts. Punk fashion emerged in the 1980's with mohawks, skinny jeans and band shirts. Hip Hop/Rap styles also emerged in the 1980's with Air Jordan's, Addidas and Nike sneakers with green, red and yellow becoming very popular among African American youth.  Heavy Metal also became a thing and many wore black leather jackets, acid-wash jeans and ripped jeans.

I used: ' Pink Suit Shirt' from Decades, 'Basic Black denim skirt' from Basics , 'St. Trinian's  Girls Fishnet Tights' from Saint Trinian's 2 store and 'Platform Pumps' from Bonjour Bizou, and the fugliest hairstyle on SD. 
1990's: During the 1990's minimalist comfortable clothing made a comeback. The early 1990's fashion was influenced by super models like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Eva Herzigova, Tyra Banks, and Cindy Crawford. Also neon colours were still a fad in the early 1990's. During the mid 1990's trends from the 1960's and 1970's came back like Hippie, Mods and Disco. Leggings, maxi skirts, hot pants, crop tops and cargo pants were fashionable at the time. Also "fanny packs" or "hip bags" as they are called in the rest of the world came into style."Casual chic" became a trend in the 1990's that continued into the 2000's and is still fashionable today. Grunge was probably the most recognized trend from the 1990's with tartan shirts, jeans and black plastic choker. Many trends from the 1990's are coming back into fashion in the present, especially Grunge. 

I used: 'Fence Print Shirt' from Original Future, 'Casual Cargo Trousers' Special Offer, 'Tangerine Zip Hip Bag' from Original Future and 'Sneaker's' from the Starplaza but they don't have a label.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed the look-back at fashion from the decades. I'm sorry if I am missing information, I tried my best to summarise the information from my sources.
Love, Amy Katrina csi12asa 
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