A Tribute to Alexander McQueen

Paying tribute to the Alexander McQueen - A talented British designer

I thought that it would only be right for all of us to learn a thing or two about this designer after Stardoll's tribute to him in the latest Museum Mile. 

Alexander McQueen the British designer has come to be known as the "High fashion hooligan". He has created some of the most unique shoes, and his fashion shows have proven to be shows within shows; from the models to the sculptural dresses. 

McQueen, son of a taxi driver, was born on the 17th of March in the year 1969. 

Alexander dropped out of school at the age of 16 - This was when he had decided to devote himself to fashion.

After dropping out of school he became an apprentice at the Savile Row Tailors. 

After gaining experience at the tailor, McQueen went on to work with various different people (including Romeo Gigli)

He then set about making a name for himself. His shows were remarkably theatrical and his brutally sharp style brought him much attention and acclaim.

At this time, McQueen made his reputation as a "bad boy". At this point, he was taking over fashion in London! 

 In 1997, he was employed by couture house Givenchy and promptly, and impudently, dismissed the label’s founder, Hubert de Givenchy, as irrelevant. His first Givenchy line bombed... Even though he had bombed the first line, he was well respected and was given a second chance by the usually unforgiving fashion world. 

He launched more lines and In 2000, Gucci purchased a controlling interest in the McQueen line. This move ended McQueen’s tumultuous relationship with Givenchy and gave him a greater creative license.

In 2003, McQueen was presented with the International Award by The Council of Fashion Designers of America and also received a CBE. By 2007, he had opened boutiques in cities across the world, including in Las Vegas, New York and Milan. And A list celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman were wearing his creations on red carpets from LA to London.

He also won the the British Designer of the Year Award in 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2003.

Despite being well liked and famous, Alexander McQueen had never wanted to be "famous" 

"I didn't plan out my life like that," he said. "When people recognise and respect what you do, that's nice, but I don't think you ever do this to be famous. Fame should be left to the film stars. We're just offering a service."

In the year 2010, on February 11th, McQueen was found dead in his Mayfair home - This was just one day after the passing of his mother. It is reported that he committed suicide. 

Alexander McQueen will be remembered for introducing us to a unique sense of high end fashion, for his fabulous tailoring, outrageous style and enormous talent. He is much mourned, and will forever be missed by the fashion community. We will never forget the works of this "fashion God". His ideas will never, ever be forgotten.

I really hope everyone enjoyed today's post... It toke quite a bit of time to research this amazing man, and to put together all the wonderful accomplishments he has. I felt this would be well worth reading since we're all fashion gurus here! 

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Thanks to all who read this, 
Hayley xx



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