Hello everyone. I'm not going to write an article on SD today because of a more pressing issue that is occurring here. Many of you are making this place uncomfortable and unpleasant for other people here and it's gotten to a point that it needs to be said. I will list each of the problems that the other mods/writers have seen here over the past while and we want changed.

1. Please be a decent human being. When I was a child I was taught that if someone asked me to stop doing something that was annoying than I was to STOP DOING IT if they asked me nicely to stop. Some of you don't get this concept. If someone ASKS you nicely and politely to stop, then STOP. I'm talking about all the memes, .gifs, inside jokes etc.. Especially if it is not just annoying, but offending someone. If something offends you would you like it if someone brought it up every damn minute you were with them?

2. Listen to the mods. Seriously. We aren't here to ruin your fun, we are here to keep order and make sure everyone obeys the rules that Sarah made in the first place. These rules aren't there to ruin your fun, they are there to protect everyone and keep the place decent and appropriate for ALL ages. Not everyone on here is your age, there are many people here who are young and some of the stuff you guys have been posting is NOT appropriate.  Many of you have not been listening to us mods or the rules at all. If you have things that are inappropriate for SDC, TAKE IT TO ANOTHER SITE, like FB or tumblr. If you break the rules and get banned, too bad. It's your fault, don't get your friends to come and hound us about getting banned. YOU broke the rules, YOU suffer the consequences.

3. Mocking. I have noticed when someone asks you to stop doing something some of you immediately start mocking them and making fun of them. This is a form of bullying. I know you think it's funny but really it makes you look like you think you and your friends are all high and mighty.

4. You guys have become so cliquey. Quite a few people have left SDC because you guys have become so cliquey. I'm not asking you to stop being friends with each other, I'm asking you to cut out the inside jokes, the ignoring of others, and the way you gang up on people who oppose you and your almighty crew. Be more inclusive to others and respect ALL people here, not just your friends. This place isn't here just for you and buddies, it's for everyone, so include everyone.

5. Don't start fights just for the sake of starting a fight. Remember there are REAL people behind those usernames. Don't gang up on people when you don't agree with them. If the subject is against the rules or isn't too political then feel free to express your opinion. Don't bring politics here please, we all come from different backgrounds and beliefs and your opinion ISN'T superior to theirs just cause it's yours. Be mature about it and remember you aren't always right and you won't convince everyone.

Please read this and consider your own behaviour. Us mods put a lot of effort into this site and we want everyone to feel welcome but you guys haven't been very good people for a while and people are leaving because of you. This place isn't here just for you and your friends, it's here for everyone so RESPECT others.

-Amy Katrina, csi12asa



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