Funky Floral Outfits

Funky Floral, even with the cold winer coming on?  

Alright, I'll admit it most of us probably don't associate floral patterns with the winter. But hey, even though majority of us here are going through the cold winter months, I decided to break up all the Winter/ Christmas posts with something that reminds me of summer... Florals! And besides, who doesn't love a cute floral print? 

I'm a sucker for patterns, and pops of color in outfits... And that's why this post is dedicated to one of my favorite patterns, floral! 

What is floral? Floral patterns are largely associated with summer, but to me are good all year round. They could include any sorts of flower design... The creativity here is endless.

So, I went digging through my closet and found these great florals:
Items Shown:
Pretty n' love; Spring Break Dress
Callie's Picks: Floral Jacket
Unknown Brand: Flower Print Top
HotBuys Summer Retro: HotBuys Flower Dress
Decades: Rosebuds shirt
Pretty n' love: Watercolored Floral Blouse
Tingeling: Brush Blouse
Honey Maid: Blue Floral Pants
It Girls: Full Bloom Tights

Now, onto the fun part, the outfits... 
Outfit #1:
Quite honestly, I didn't know where this outfit was going while putting it together. I just toke jackets out of my wardrobe and mixed- and-matched items until I achieved the perfect look. There is something about this look being so mismatchy that almost makes me love it. One of my favorite parts, besides the floral top, is the use of overalls. When buying overalls on Stardoll, you should always think about the endless opportunities of outfits you can make with them. Look at me, I used them as baggy jeans. I added a bright shoe to this outfit last minute for a nice pop of color. 

Outfit #2
These floral tights are an item that I just recently picked up when Stardoll had their Black Friday Starplaza specials.  At only 5sd, I couldn't resist owning another flawless floral print. Today, my first time using these tights, I am so happy that I purchased them. They make this denim dress look stunning, and they complete the pink shoes extremely well. Honestly, when I bought the tights I was unsure what to match them with and now I see that they truly are a workable item. To top off this look, I added a freebie clutch.

Some more Floral outfits for you: 

Hopefully you now feel some inspiration to make your own floral outfits.

Anyways, that is all for today... Hope you enjoyed my post, and actually read the whole thing, 
Hayley x

QOTD: What is your favorite print? 
AOTD: Obvious, floral. Though I also love plaid, and aztec.



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