Hijab fashion

Hello Everybody! How are you all today? This article will be about hijabi fashion. I'm very interested in other cultures and I wanted to make an article about hijab fashion. Even though I am not Muslim myself, I wanted to highlight hijabi fashion on SD. Many Muslim girls don't dress hijabi on Stardoll, and that is perfectly fine because they are no exception to the many girls on Stardoll who's doll don't look or dress like they do in real life.

A hijab is a veil worn by Muslim women and girls that covers their hair. The word 'Hijab' "حجاب" in Arabic means 'to cover' and is applied to the fashion of modesty that observant Muslim women follow. It should be noted that not all Muslim women feel the need to wear hijab because they interpret the Quran differently, however in Islam a woman is required to wear a head covering while praying.

There are many different styles of tying or wrapping a hijab depending on the culture. Some cultures are more allowing of how much hair and skin is shown than others. For example in Saudi Arabia women are required by law to wear niqab which is a black veil that covers almost the entire face except the eyes and a long black robe. Iran also has a law requiring women to dress "modestly" in public. However in other countries they aren't as strict, such as Maldives where very few women wear a veil. Turkey, Tunisia and Lebanon are also not as strict like Maldives.

Here are 4 outfits that I made trying to incorporate hijab. 

1: I tried to go for a girly summer look

I used: 'Coco Dress 1937' from Decades, 'Head Scarf' from It Girls, 'Peach Stacked Wood Platforms' Special Offer

2: I went for a more modest formal look.

I used: 'Sequin Stripe Party Dress' from Rio, 'Long Silk Skirt' from Voile, 'Skeleton Hood' from Bod Mod and 'Tough Love Stilettos' from SubCouture.

3: I wanted to go for a fresh casual look

I used: 'Ink Print Top' from Pretty in Love, 'Straight Leg Pants' from Archive, 'Sookie Jacket' from Miss Sixty, 'Vision Shoes' from Nelly, and free Tress-Up hair from the Ramadan campaign.

4: I went for a less strict look

I used: 'Basic Black Frilled Shirt' from Basics, 'SJP Suit Pants' from Archive, '80 Million Shoes' from the 80 Million campaign and 'Pucci Peach Silk Scarf' from Royalty store.

I hope you enjoyed my article and please don't hesitate to correct any of the information above, as I said I'm not Muslim, so I'm just going on what I have read.

-Amy Katrina, csi12asa 



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