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Today's post is about socks (as you can see from the title), but most importantly ways to wear socks on stardoll (and no, I do not mean the obvious answer to this which is on your feet). What I mean is great ways to style socks (yes I know it sound weird). I personally love knee-high socks and love wearing them with shorts and high tops or vans (any low cut shoe). But enough about my real life stylings heres a few of my favorite stardoll outfits using socks:

 Combination #1  This one is considered my favorite of all of the outfits in this post. I used my favorite items out of my closet.
 Which are : The "white boots" from nelly, I paid 8sd for them. "knee sport socks" from rio, which I paid 40sc for. WOW "Traditional Danish top". "Leather Hotpants" from Versace. Teal piped military coat from Bizou. And FA "Joan Necklace", which I paid 23sc for. 
 combination #2  Another thing that I love Oversized shirts/tees. So Oversized shirts + socks = happy Jassmine.
"Cave painting sweater"from original future. "Hotbuys Net Tights" from FA. "Hiking fashion boots" from Mr., which I paid 9sd for. (x2) And  "Guitar case"
Combination #3  I also love things that are distressed or ripped. Even though its winter I often find myself wearing distressed jeans in real life. and I alway seem to get a lecture from my mother about it aha. Sadly she always wins...
"Tompkins square Jacket" from Bizou which I paid 14sd for. "Black crop top" from Original Future. "Tangerine Mesh Top" from Original Future, which I paid  88sc for. "Summer Denim cut-offs" from it-girls, which I paid 13sd for. "Lace socks" from FA which I paid 30sc for. "Black Stud Socks" from Bizou. And "Striped Buffaloes" from evil panda which I paid 58sc for. 

I am also including an OOTD from lusy19000 that follows the theme of this post.! 
 Isn't it creative, and amazing.!
She used the "Adrianna boots" from subcoture. "Sway embellished skirt" From moschino. "Bat wings" from Fallen angel. "Finn Andrew's cap" from Mortal kiss (or callie's) "Knee socks" from Tingling. "Chiffon Vest" from LE. "Shoulder Slung Moto Jacket" from Evil Panda. 
There are probably more items that were used but I am not aware of what they are. Although if you would like to give her a visit a link to her suite is:
Well Thats all for this post.
And a special Thank you to Lucy for sending me your ootd for this post! xx



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