The Black and White Challenge

Time for a challenge; The Black & White Challenge
(Stardoll Look Edition)

Some of you may have heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge or Cinnamon Challenge, but have you heard of the Instagram black and white photo challenge? 

I hadn't heard of it until my little cousin nominated me on my Instagram page for the black and white Challenge which, as she had explained, was to post any picture with no color in it or in other words, a black and white photograph. I choose an image, of the English shore of course, edited to black and white and completed the challenge... 

Don't let that confuse you all though, that's for real life but not for Stardoll.

As I was doing this challenge, the Stardoll addict in me awoke. I decided that: Wouldn't it be fun to make black and white looks on Stardoll and make that into a challenge? I decided to be the first to take on this challenge.. Here are my black and white looks:

Anyways, fun or not, here's my challenge to all of you... They'll be nice prizes so I can assure you this challenge is worth your time!

Steps to completing my challenge: 
1. Be a member of SDC (Look to the right of this)
2. Follow my examples by making all white or all black outfits. Don't combine black and white in one outfit, just choose ONE color for each look! 
3. It is suggested (but not required) that you use a contrasting background for your look (Ex. White outfit, on a black background) the way I did in my examples. 
4. Screenshot your looks... Which are made on only your doll or in star plaza, and visit the "Contact Us" page to submit them to us. 
5. Don't forget to specify that this is for the: Black & White Challenge!
6. You may create more then one, or send in just one image.

All challenges must be completed and sent to us by Wednesday! (I'll make the last call for entries when I get online on Wednesday) 

The top 10 challenges will be posted Wednesday, and the poll results on Thursday

Hayley x
(P.S. Please let me know how you feel about challenges like these, rather then the typical competition, by making a comment about them with #ChallengesOnSDC)



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