M.I.A. Fashion

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Today's article will be about one of my fashion icons, the rapper M.I.A.! I love her music, but I won't talk about that, I will talk about her fashion.

M.I.A is a rapper who was born in Britain to a Tamil family. Her real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam and she was born in Hounslow to Arul an engineer and Kala a seamstress. Her family quickly returned to Sri Lanka after her birth to partake in the political turmoil that was unravelling in Sri Lanka between the 2 main ethnic groups, the Tamils, and the Sinhalese. Mathangi grew up during the civil war and writes many songs about her experiences. She also lived briefly in Tamil Nadu India before relocating back to Britain. She went on to become an artist and then a rapper.

M.I.A is one of my fashion icons because she encompasses many influences into her fashion sense and she wears what she wants regardless of how others view her and most of all she is bold! She influences many things in her fashion: traditional South Asian clothing, urban and street wear, sparkles and metallic fabric, tribal prints, and oversized clothing. M.I.A designs a lot of her own clothing as well.

Many people describe her as a "crime to fashion", but I think the opposite, she has a very unique style and does things her own way. Also people say she is tacky and gaudy, but I think she just has her own style, just like everyone else and if she is happy and is expressing herself the way she likes than that's what matters.

Here are 5 outfits that M.I.A wore that I have tried to recreate on Stardoll:

1: I always liked this outfit and I got the shirt when it came out on from the M.I.A dress up doll. 

I used: 'Gold Pop Print Top' from Fudge, 'Jersey Mini' from Fudge, 'Mega Blocks Barbie Leggings' from a freebie campaign,  'Neon Lace sandals' from Archive, 'Shania hat' from Voile, and 'Golden Flower Necklace' Special Offer

2: This outfit is a cute layered look M.I.A wore while preforming

I used: 'Basic T-shirt' from It Girls, 'Pink Cutout One Piece Swimsuit' from Bratz store, 'Shorts' from Pretty in Love, 'Belt' from It Girls, 'High Top Sneakers' from Fudge, 'Multi coloured Bangles' from Fudge, 'Gold Flower Necklace' Special Offer, and 'Gold Chain Necklace' from Epiphany

3: Most of this outfit is in starcoins and is still in Starplaza. 

I used: 'Basic Sequin Tee' from It Girls, 'Charlotte Latex Pants' from Fallen Angel, 'Gray Filippa K. Booties' from Nelly, and 'Bianca Headscarf' from Rio

4: This is one of my favourite outfits M.I.A has worn to New York Fashion week

I used: 'Primitivism Top' from Original Future, 'Goswin Trousers' from Miss Sixty, 'Seaside Platforms' from Millionaire Mansion Fashion, and 'Topaz Embellished Fish Necklace' from Folk


5. This look is all about oversized gold bling and Cheetah print.

I used: 'Black Oversized T-shirt' from Basics, 'Leopard Leggings' from Rio, 'Lace-up Ankle Boots' from Decades, 'Grand Gold Filigree Necklace' from Rio, 'Gold Filigree Necklace' from Rio, 4 'Bangles' from Rio, and a Stardesign Bindi I made.

I hope you enjoyed my article and have been inspired to create your own looks. Thank you for reading :)

-Amy Katrina csi12asa



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