New Years Resolutions on Stardoll

 Happy New Year! Being that today is the second of the year,  I decided to make a post about new years resolutions with a twist.. The twist being that these are my Stardoll resolutions. I know it may seem silly to some of you that I am making resolutions for an online game, but I think it's actually going to be fun to see how many of these I can stick to/ get done.

#1: Maintain an organised closet 

So my first resolution could apply to Stardoll and real life both at the same time... I'm hoping I can do it for both next year! For me, this resolution is a bit ambitious. I've organised my closets time after time again but they always end up getting messy after creating new outfits. For now on, I'd like to organise my closet once and for all and keep it nice and neat. 

#2: Work diligently on my Chanel collection 

I'm a Chanel mega-fan, the day I get a Chanel bag is the day I will be happiest. Since I can't afford real Chanel, I like to collect it on Stardoll instead. I've got lots of bags, shoes, and accessories... And my resolution for 2015 is to attempt to finish the whole thing.

#3: Be punctual with my posts, and create better quality work

Though most of the time my posts are late because I forgot to schedule them... I want to make this a good year for me as a writer here on SDC. I want to bring you guys my work on time, and give you better quality articles to read and enjoy. 

#4: Spend less real money on Stardollars 

Last year, I spent a bit too much of my "savings" and spare cash on Stardollars. There were months where I spent well over 100 dollars on the game. This year, I would like to limit myself in the amount of stardollars/ memberships that I buy. 

#5: Spend less time online, and more time offline 

It's no lie that I'm addicted to being on SDC, and on Stardoll. This year, I'd like to focus more on real life friendships and relationships. This is the resolution I'm most sure about me not doing... 

I have a few more resolutions, like collecting some more things, selling things I don't like anymore, and seriously giving back to the Stardoll community and all of you. I think I'll end the post here by asking you guys what your Stardoll resolutions are... QOTD: What are your resolutions both on Stardoll and in real life? 

Thanks for reading,
Hayley xx



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