Polyvore outfit recreations

Hello everyone
I hope you are having a great year so far. And I hope that 2015 will be better than 2014. 2015 for me has had a crazy Start for me and I am hoping it will get better. So I would like to personally wish you a happy late new year.! xx
As you could probably see from the title, this post is is basically a few cute outfits I found on polyvore and How to recreate them.
For those of you that don't know :
Polyvore is a website that allows you to create multiple "sets" or "Outfits". It helps you have a better understanding on weather the pieces match or not rather than going on a store and imagining if an item would match an item that you have at home. 
Polyvore has a wide range of clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories that have been found from other websites and are currently on sale, allowing you to be able to purchase that item if you decide that you want it.
*red text means the item is not currently available
Yellow means that the item is superstar only*
This one is a change from my normal style. It's girly and cute, something that I don't really enjoy wearing.
Stardoll version:
Items Used:
Small Quilted purse from nelly
13 sd
Hot Hot Buys tutu skirt
Black Crop Tank from velvet orchid
Jennifer heals from pals
This one is a laid back type of outfit. It's something that that I enjoy wearing because it meets my needs of being comfortable.
Stardoll version
Items Used
Neon Metallic Dino bag
from bizou
Patched denim vest 
from archive
Knee sport socks from rio
Summer denim cutoffs from it girls
Basic white short top from basics
White boots from nelly
Celfie hat from nelly

This is something I would wear to school. (bisides the necklace) sadly stardll doesn't really have anything related/that looks like to timberlands even though they are really cute in my opinion and I would buy a pair in every colour.
Stardoll version
Items used
Traditional danish blouse from WOW
Poppy Jeans from itgirls
Worn boots w/ white socks from Archive
Quilted Backpack from nelly
A few days ago I had a little competition in the comments where I a few of you to create a polyvore inspired outfit. Here are 2 of them that really caught my eye :
This one is by coolcookie22011
And this one by dhawiStar
Stardoll version
You can visit them by clicking on their user names above.^ ^
All of the entries were really good and I would like to thank everyone who entered! You all did a great job.

*also remember that AliceBurdeuFan makes many cute affordable star designed crop tops check them out shes an  amazing designer and person buy one of her designs and leave her a GB comment xx*
Until next time 
-♕ Jassmine♕



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