Traditional East Indian Fashion

Hi everyone! Today is my birthday (January 23rd) and I wanted to make my article about something I absolutely love, East Indian Fashion!! As many of you know I love cultures and the 2 I find the most fascinating are Indian and Serbian culture. I don't know why I find these 2 cultures so fascinating, I just do and I like to express my love for these 2 cultures.
Anyways,  I have 7 Indian outfits for today: 1 saree, 3 choli lehengas and 3 salwar kameez suits. I didn't put the "I used" part in this time cause it would make this article way too long, so if you want to know a specific item's name, just ask me.

A saree is a long strip of exquisite fabric folded and tied to create a draped dress. A saree consists of a long strip of fabric, a blouse called a choli and a petticoat to tuck the folds into. There are many ways to fold a saree and the one I have here is Nivi style. Saree fabric is usually about 5 yards in length, but can be as long as 9 yards. Women all throughout India wear sarees and there are regional styles, drapes and fabric all over India. Sarees are also found in countries surrounding India including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

This is the saree I own on SD, I know the graphics are completely horrible and that is because I bought it when I started playing SD in 2007. I have had many offers from girls to buy it, but I will never sell it because it means a lot to me. 

Lehenga Cholis are beautiful ensembles of a blouse called a choli, a skirt called a lehenga and a scarf called a dupatta. Lehenga cholis have different names in different parts of India; in Tamil they are called Pattu Pavadai Davani, in Telugu they are called Langa Voni, in Kannada they are called Langa Davani, and in Northern India they are called Ghagra choli. They are also known as "half sarees". Lehenga cholis are usually worn by young women before marriage in the south of India. It is also very common for brides to wear Lehenga Cholis to their wedding. Sarees and Lehenga cholis are the most common festive traditional clothing for women in India. I wore a lehenga choli to my prom in real life. It is yellow, pink and green and I still own it. I just wish I could have a chance to wear it again.

These are 3 lehenga cholis I have on SD that are actually made from pieces of clothing that didn't come as lehenga cholis. For example the first 2 are made from dresses that I made into draped dupattas with stardesign skirts. The 3rd was an ensemble from PPQ that I added a scarf to to make it into a lehenga choli. The pink lehenga choli I made my own bindi (forehead gem sticker) to match the jewelry aishPRETTY made. The 3rd gray lehenga choli I wore with a wig made by Ljubicanstvena.

A salwar kameez is a 3 piece suit consisting of a tunic called a kurta, pants, and a dupatta. There are many different styles of salwar kameez: Anarkali which is a long dress like tunic and tight pants called churidar, Patiala which is a short tunic with long harem pants, Salwar which is the traditional knee length tunic and slightly smaller harem pants. Churidar pants can also be worn with a regular tunic.  Salwar kameezes originated from the Punjabis but has become very popular all over India. The Salwar Kameez is also found in nearby countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Jammu and Bangladesh.

These are 3 salwar kameezes I have on Stardoll. The first 2 are Anarkali suits that came together from Film Theory and came out with matching jewelry in Epiphany in 2013. The first 2 are SD's recreation of 2 costumes from the Bollywood movies 'Umrao Jaan' and 'Devdas'. The 3rd is one I made from Film Theory harem pants and Windows on The World top and a stardesign scarf. 

I hope you enjoyed my article. I had lots of fun putting this together!
Lots of love: Amy Katrina, csi12asa



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