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Pop culture: it's something that we all are apart of, whether it's our favorite TV show, movie, musical, book or musician, they're all apart of the pop culture of this generation. Today, I'm going to make 3 outfits inspired by 3 different popular aspects of pop culture. One a movie and book, one a TV show and one a musical.

The first pop culture inspired outfit is based off of the very popular British TV show, Doctor Who. This outfit that I made is based off the 10th Doctor’s signature outfit.

To make this outfit perfect for flying around Time and Space in the TARDIS with your companion, I used:

- Mr. Chestnut Button Blazer, 14SD
- Bonjour Bizou Stretch Jeans, 50SC
- It Girls White Blouse (long sleeves), 50SC
- It Girls Red Tie, 20SC
- High Top Sneakers (dark blue), 40SC

The Second Outfit I have created is one that’s based off the movie and book trilogy Divergent. I’m not going to recreate the outfit of main character Tris Prior, but it is going to be a quick outfit that you could wear as a member of the Dauntless Faction.

Dauntless’s faction color is black, and the outfit choice is usually either being ready to jump off a building or look like you’re about to hit the clubs. I chose an outfit with more sex appeal, that one could wear to a Dauntless party.
First off, I chose a wig that is unnaturally colored, since Dauntless is the more edgier faction, but that isn’t necessary.
For the outfit itself I used:

- Trendy Dress from Stardoll Academy (Freebie)
- Tights from Stardoll Academy (Freebie)
- Traveller Boots from Nelly (Find in Bazaar, SD)
- Leather Gloves from Evil Panda (Freebie)
- Color Arm Tattoo Sleeve from Fallen Angel (40SC)
- Tadpole Galaxy Necklace from Fallen Angel (Find in Bazaar, SC)
- Hotbuys Steampunk Bracelet from Fallen Angel (Find in Bazaar, SD)
- McQueen Skull Clutch from Museum Mile (Sold Out)

Since almost all of these items are no longer available in Starplaza, all you really need to recreate this outfit is a tight and short dress (must be in black) as well as accessories that are in darker tones. The tights are not needed, but in my opinion they bring the outfit together.

The third outfit and final is a modernized version of the dress that Glinda wore as her uniform at Crage Hall, which was her campus of Shiz University in the Broadway musical Wicked.

To make this, I used:
- Posh TottyGirl Blouse from St. Trinians 2 (Find in Bazaar, SC)
- Skirt Inspired By Burberry from It Girls (Find in Bazaar, SD)
- Grey Toe Stockings from the Sonia Rykiel Tribute 
(Find in Bazaar, SD or any light colored stocking will do)
- Buckle Pumps from Subcouture (Find in Bazaar, SD)
- White Nappine Bag from the Roberto Cavalli Tribute (Find in Bazaar, SD)



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