Grey, Black, & White - Basic but Beautiful

Hey fellow broke (or not broke?!) dollies! Last Friday, we got a gorgeous couple of floors in Antidote, and one item really stood out at me.. That item was a pair of grey and black pants that inspired me to create this post. 

The colors grey, black, and white are your basic colors - Aka. wardrobe staples. However, I think these colors can be much more than basic when styled in the right way. Today, I will be showing you some of my favorite Stardoll looks featuring these stunning colors. 

Without further to say, I give to you my grey, black, and white outfits: 

Collared Top- Clean Cut Top; Cheap Monday 
Sweater- Grey Embellished Sweatshirt; Unknown 
Pants- Satin High Waist Pants; Antidote
Shoes- Steampunk Platforms; LE 
Bag- Chains Handbag; Chanel 

Steampunks, oh gorgeous steampunks! This outfit features all three of the colors, grey, black and white, and makes a huge statement! I love the way my shoes match perfectly with the leggings that I bought from Antidote yesterday. By using a pretty basic top I have put the spotlight on the lower half of my outfit. 

Dress- Skyscraper Dress; DKNY 
Socks- Xmas Socks; HotHot Buys 
Shoes- Buckle Combat Boots; Yves Saint Laurent Tribute 

This look is featuring the most striking dress in all of Stardoll, the DKNY Skyscraper. This dress brings in all of the key colors of this post while making my doll look stunning. Matched with my YSL boots and HotBuys Socks this dress is perfect for a night out. 

Bra Top- Satin Bra; Rio
Under Bra/ Leo- Seine Swimsuit; Bonjour Bizou
Shorts/ Bottoms- Black High Waist Bikini Bottoms; Birds Eye View 
Skirt- White Wrapping Skirt; LE 
Shoes- Malta Clear Stilettos; Piviera

 This look is something different for me, and I'm sort of liking it. I didn't get to incorporate any grey into this fabulous look, but I did manage to capture some white and black. This look is probably my favorite of all that I will be showing you today.

Jacket- Studded Motorcycle Jacket; LE 
Pants- Hot Buys Disco Pants; Original Future 
Shoes- Lucite Platform Boots; LE 

(The shoes, and pants are slightly darkened using gimp to match the studs on the LE jacket! I wish they looked like that in my suite too!) 

So, I tried to make this look a bit more casual or easy to wear over other outfits seen so far in this post. I've really been digging this LE jacket and I think it looks perfect with these slightly darkened LE shoes. It really shows how amazing three basic colors can look when paired together.

Top- Black/White Print Tee; Archive
Pants- Rowtag Trousers; Miss Sixty 
Socks- Tartan Socks;
Boots- Hedi Boots; LE
Bracelet- Honey Maid Bracelet; Honey Maid Freebie 

This is the last outfit I have made to show you in this post. I think this outfit resembles something I would most certainly wear in real life, everything is cute and stylish all at the same time. 

SDC Outfit Spotlight: 

From left to right: Lusy19000, shamelessyouth, and dhawistar

Though these outfits do resemble the others that I've shown you today, I have come to love each and every one of these looks you all made. I think the steampunk, and Antidote leggings craze is awesome... Don't we all just wish we had those LE shoes in our lives? Love these outfits ladies - Be sure to add something for 10sd into your wish lists so I can get you all a little prize for participating. 

That's all - Hope you've enjoyed, 
Hayley xoxo
QOTD: Which is your fav outfit from this lookbook? 
AOTD: The one featuring the clear LE skirt 



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