Simple T-shirt Stardesign Tutorial

Hello everyone! Today my article is a simple Stardesign fashion tutorial for the t-shirt with the breast pocket. I will write all the instructions here as opposed to a video. On this shirt I tried to make a little Serbian cross on the breast pocket, but you can make whatever design you want on the pocket after you are done these simple steps. Here is the finished shirt:

Step 1: Select the t-shirt with the breast pocket:

Step 2: Take out a square piece and put it on the template. Press the Shift key to make it smaller while maintaining the perfect square. Make sure you have the Stardesign set to the square design.

Step 3: With the square still selected take out a circle and make it a horizontal oval, but do not change the overall diameter of it, just make it an oval.

Step 4: Place the oval under the square with the diameter of the oval half way under the square. Make sure you slide the oval to be under the square.

Step 5: While selecting the square take a line and change the colour and move it over the square. Make 2 more, but the 3rd one you take rotate it 90 degrees to go over the top of your square

Step 6: While selecting the oval that is under the square, take out a hoop and change it's colour to the same as the 3 lines. 

Step 7: Place the hoop over the oval and change the placement of the hoop so it's over the oval but under the square. 

Step 8: Now you are ready to put on you design on your pocket. For the purpose of this tutorial I just made one with a little heart. 

Step 9: Now you can make the shirt. You will have to zoom in your browser to do this properly. Place the pocket of the shirt over the design and make sure it's aligned well and that it is the right size for the pocket. You may have to fiddle with the zoom to make it fit right.  Change the fabric to shear. 

 Step 10: Now that you have it aligned press sew. You may have to make it several times as Stardesign has a habit of shifting the design to the left when you sew. 

This is the shirt I designed for the tutorial.

You can make this shirt any colour with any design on the pocket. I make the shirt shear because it takes away the shine that you get when you make Stardesign clothing, so you can make this in dark colours too. 
Here are 2 more shirts I created using this design. 

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you use this tutorial and make some shirts. Be creative!

-Amy Katrina, csi12asa



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