Styling your Vests

Hey Dolls! 

Today, as the header gives away, we will be talking about one of my favorite types of jackets; Vests! I feel like vests are under appreciated and aren't used as much as they should be. Vests, when styled correctly, can make an outfit so much cuter and edgier. Hope you like the outfits I have put together using vests! 

Top 1- Clean Cut Shirt; Cheap Monday 
Top 2- Cropped Collared Top; Antidote 
Vest- Leo Vest; Callie's Picks
Bottoms- Patchwork Jeans; LE 
Shoes- Bow Heels; Callie's Picks 
Headphones- Chanel Headphones; Chanel Tribute 

This first outfit is a little edgy, and less girly - Something that contradicts my usual looks on Stardoll. These jeans, which I recently snagged up, are actually a pair of pants that I find very awkward and hard to style, however with the help of this adorable vest I was able to make a pair of unusable jeans into something so fabulous. Of course I added in the super cute bow heels for an extra girly touch, and the headphones for a grunge flair. 

Top- Wolf Top; Mortal Kiss
Vest- Leather Vest; Fever 
Pants- High Waist Retro Jeans; Pretty N' Love 
Shoes- Satin Crumple Booties; Miss Sixty 

To me, this look is super fun and retro! The high waisted jeans and shoes give it that vintage feel while the wolf top and leather vest bring in a little more of a modern vibe. Without the vest, this outfit is really basic and boring... Using a vest really does make an outfit stand out more. 

Dress- Beige Pleather Dress; Apres Ski 
Vest- Sweater Vest; Killah 
Necklace- Gold Seashell Necklace; Bonjour Bizou 
Shoes- Day Lily Shoes; Bonjour Bizou

Say hello to my backup account aka. thesisters. While this account may not be as pretty looking as my main, it is an account that I tend to love making new looks and outfits on. Here is a girly spin on using a vest in an outfit. I just love the subtle colors in this look and the pretty pop of blue coming from both the cardigan and shoes. 

Top- Hot Buys Lace Print Sheer Blouse; Bonjour Bizou
Vest- Brick Lane Jacket; Killah 
Pants- Rowtag Trousers; Miss Sixty 
Shoes- Worn Boots w White Socks; Archive 

This look is a bit of everything, and has something for everyone to love (well, I hope) - The shoes are totally grunge, yet the top screams sophisticated. To top off the look, adding in this cute little vest made the outfit look like it toke time to put together. It adds a flirty hint.

As always, thanks for reading & have an amazing rest of your day - Hayley xoxo

QOTD: How often do you wear vests? Do you own one in real life?

AOTD: Not that often, or not often enough; yeah! 



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