Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Today I wanted to make my article uplifting for this bleak winter. My article is about the colour YELLOW!! Yellow is such a warm colour and summery. It will bring back memories of summer during winter. I learned in Marketing class in high school that the first colour anyone ever notices out of the rainbow is the colour yellow. So if you want to be noticed wear yellow.

I have compiled 6 outfits all with the main colour being yellow. I actually have quite a lot of clothes on SD that are yellow, so it was a bit hard choosing only 6 outfits

1: I made a casual look that I would totally wear in real life
I used: 'Hot Buys Citron Skater Dress' from Bonjour Bizou, 'Chelsea Belt' from It Girls, 'Western Chain bag' from Chanel Tribute, 'Black Bellucci Flat' from D&G tribute, and 'Drop Earrings' from Glam'r'us

2: Again, I went for a casual look
I used: 'Peace Tee' from identiTEE, 'Stretch Jeans' from Bonjour Bizou, 'Healed Platforms' from It Girls, 'Inspired by Chanel hangbag' from Decades, 'Five Star Earrings' from Callie's Picks

3. I went for a wild and crazy Boho look
I used: 'Native top' from Original Future, 'Bark Skirt' from Original Future, 'Red Chainlink heels' from Perfect Day, 'Double Cuffs' from Archive, and 'Gold and Silver Necklace' from Epiphany.

4: I made a very attention grabbing neon look
I used: 'Bollywood Bejeweled Top' from Fudge, 'Turquoise Mini Skirt' from Basics, 'Kahlo Tote Yellow' bag from Museum Mile, 'Wide Buckle Belt' from Rio, 'Carioca heels' from Rio, and 'Bollywood Short Necklace' from Glam'r'us

5. I went for a girly casual look. 
I used: 'Draped Layer Dress' from Spring Surprises campaign, 'Russian Doll Purse' from Folk, 'Black Gala Platforms' from MSW '14 store, and 'Tutul Necklace' from Glam'r'us

6. I went for a very formal goddess look
I used:  'First Grace Primavera Gown' from Museum Mile, 'Pure Gold Shoes' from Rio, 'Pearl Diadem' from Splendid, and 'Diamond Drop Earrings' from Film Theory

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my article on the colour yellow. Have a great week :)

-Amy Katrina, csi12asa



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