Oscar's Inspired Formal Looks

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. As many of you know the Oscar Awards 2015 happened just 2 weeks ago. My favourite part of the Oscars is the red carpet fashion! I love seeing all the gowns and jewels that the celebrities wear and this article is inspired by the red carpet fashion of the Oscars. In this article I have also included readers and friends formal looks.

I own many gowns and formal dresses on SD. Some of them were freebies and some I have bought. You can't go wrong with a beautiful formal dress, even when it isn't MSW season. I have created 6 looks for this article using gowns I have got throughout the years I've been on SD.

Without further ado, I present the looks inspired by the Oscars:

1:  I wanted to make a beautiful angelic look.
I used: 'Athena Gown' from Voile, 'Precious Silver Clutch' from Windows on the World, 'LiuJo Metal Bracelet' from Liu.Jo, 'Crystal Necklace' from PPQ, and 'Antique Diamond Earrings' from Epiphany.

2: I used 2 freebies to create this beautiful warm formal look.
I used: 'In Theatres July First' Monte Carlo Campaign (that's what it says on the tag), 'Modern Bow Clutch' from Pretty in Love, 'Pink Shoes' from Voile, and 'The Circle of Love Earrings' from Epiphany.

3: I made a romantic sophisticated black and white look.
I used: 'Velvet Bandeau Gown' from PPQ, 'Lace Pearl Fedora' from LE, 'Pearls Pochette' from Zuhair Murad tribute, 'Black Holiday Sandals' from It Girls, and 'Pearls Necklace' from Nelly.

4: I went for a colourful tropical look. 
I used: 'Tropical Ball Gown' from MSW '14 store, 'Hot Buys Bow Platforms' from Pretty in Love, 'Woven Wicker Clutch' from Original Future, earrings designed by aishPRETTY, and wig designed by Ljubicanstvena.

5: I made a beautiful eye catching look.
I used: '100 Million Evening Dress' from Voile, 'Blue Festive Stilettos' from Voile Holiday Boutique, 'Bouquet Clutch' Special Offer, and 'Enchanted Forest Necklace' from Voile Holiday Boutique.

6: For the last look I wanted to go with a princess gown that was also a freebie.
I used: 'Ruffle Evening Gown' Monte Carlo Campaign, 'Diamond and Pearl Necklace' from Epiphany, and 'Diamond Leaf Earrings' from Epiphany.

Here are the looks that the readers made, each one of them looks beautiful!
(Sorry if your picture is messed up, blogger likes to wreck pictures when I upload them)

Thank you for reading my article and thank you to the people who submitted looks for this article! I hope you have a great week. 



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