Pastel Colors // Spring Inspiration

Hey Dollies, 
Today's post is brining those of you living in the snow (like me) a little burst of Spring colors and fashion. Not so long ago, I asked for some post ideas and pastel colors were requested by more than one of you. So, with out further to say I present to you my spin on some vibrant and classy spring colors, pastels. 

Pastel Blue: 

My first look features one of my favorite colors, pastel blue. I went for more subtle colors in the shirt and pants but then added a hint of pastel blue in the jacket and shoes. I just love the way these pants look when paired with a cute sweater and some heels, they can easily be dressed down or up. The Chanel bag in this look is a must have for me as it works easily in many of your outfits, like this one. I even believe that it was at one point released in Callie's. 

Pastel Yellow: 

This next look is using a bright, and more vibrant(ish) color, pastel yellow! Again, I played up some pretty basic colors like black, and nude with yellow and a little bit teal. I just love making looks that have a small pop of color in them just like this one. I think using the headphones and backpack as accessories gives the look a classy yet not so classy look all at the same time! 

Pastel Pink: 
For this outfit, I went for something extra girly and cutesy looking! Adding hints of pastel pink, and even a pop of yellow makes my doll look like a super cute girly girl (and there's nothing wrong with that!) I'm obsessed with my Killah graphic tee and I think it looks perfect in this look! (This may be more of a peach, but oh well!) 

 Thanks for reading this & Enjoy your day, 
Hayley xo
Shoutout to Sarah for making the amazing lip shine that my doll is wearing!



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