Writing for SDC: Do's and Don'ts

Hey dolls!

We've decided to do something different today. Hayley and I are doing a collaboration! So you're not confused my [Sarah] writing will be in pink, and Hayley's will be purple

We are looking for new writer(s) for SDC. You can sign up >here<  and we will give you our tips to help you get chosen.

  • Be creative! How can you expect to become a writer when you're not thinking outside of the box, or when you're making the same old boring posts? Use cute fonts, pretty colors, and edit your images to add touches of creativity into your posts.

  • Edit, Edit, Edit! You want your post to look good so always edit out the starplaza background  closets, suite floors and anything like that! If it's not a fashion post, you can still edit plain pictures to look good.
-Header images are essential-
  • Post on time and have extra posts! If you want to join the team, you have to help us in getting our posts out on time. If you know that you don't have the time to write one or more posts in a week then just don't sign up! 
  • Stay positive! You may not like something in a store but that doesn't mean you write a whole post about how you hate it. Keep a balance. Say what you like and don't like and why!

  • Blurry pictures. The first thing everyone sees, are the pictures! If your pictures are blurry, it will put some people off even reading the post. If your picture is blurry or stretched try again! Don't just leave it.
  • Try NOT to make posts about fashion! All of the writers we have now (Amy, Pink, Sarah,  Maiya, Beth, me, etc.) know how to make awesome posts about the latest stores and trends, so be unique.. Try making posts about designing, suites, or even makeup!
  • Negativity! If you say you don't like what's in your post. How do you expect others to like it too?
 You want people to feel good while reading your posts so never say things like 'This sucks'. You're not doing yourself favours by criticizing your own work.
  • Using improper grammar! Be sure to capitalise when necessary, write words out in full (no abbreviations), and use proper punctuation. If you don't do this in your samples, there is a good chance we won't choose you! 

Good luck! If you have any questions ask below. Also, our posts will now be going up at 7pm GMT each day instead of 5pm.

All of us writers are excited to read your sample posts. I hope these tips were useful to all of you applying in some way! Again, good luck! 

Sarah and Hayley xo



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