Interview With An Angel

Hey dolls ♥

 Today I caught up with my dear friend the beautiful angel, N1mka4eva, for a chat! I was not disappointed in the slightest. I asked her some questions to share with you, here is how it went!

S:Hey Nimka!
Thank you so much for joining me today. Firstly, would you like to introduce yourself?

N:Hi hi princess Sarah! Thanks you for having me here <3 well my name's Nimka like you said, my birthplace is Heaven however I was sent to Earth to do the almost impossible task of taking care for all of the people who play Stardoll. Am I the real Callie? I cannot say, but yes. I have also been preparing for this interview by listening to 'MILF' by Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj. It soothes me.

S:I think we should talk about your style. It's so unique! Where do you get inspiration for your doll and outfits? Is it hard for you to stay true to your own style on Stardoll?

N:Quite frankly in all honesty to be honest it would be so much more difficult for me to try to fit anybody else's style on Stardoll. I have never wanted to be ordinary, and I've even looked pretty much the same since 08 - white hair and the geisha lips. I have a lot of inspirations and I love the idea of being this huge white wedding cake with strawberry frosting, you know why? Everyone loves cake, and there's a moment in time where all eyes are on that wedding cake as it's ready to be cut. I want you to pause that moment there, before it's ruined and devoured. That's me! A constant state of still, sweet beauty. And yes, I know, cake makes people fat and sick and diabetic, but let me just say that the obesity rates in the world are going up astronomically each year, what does that tell you about my outfits? Can’t get enough. A lot of it also comes from just being an angel, how I dress is natural to me, and I know that even if people tried to emulate my dressing it still does not have that dusting of magic over it, you know?

S:How did you first come across Stardoll? Do you think it has had a positive or negative effect on your life?

N:I came across Stardoll in 2006 which is when I made my account, I have been here for 9 years. I think that being on Stardoll is the worst thing in the world, it's gross and disgusting and it makes me physically throw up everytime I think about the money and time I have spent on here. However, Stardoll started and created my interest in fashion which has grown, and I made the most amazing friends on here. When I was here back in 06-2012 me and my friends basically built stardoll. We were apart of the very first blogs, the very first magazines, we created the awards, the fashion shows - everything, and that was some of the best years of my life. Now instead of being about friendship love and creativity it's very competitive and I see the world I created in ruins, which is sad. With the negative on here comes the positive and vice versa unfortunately.

S:Everyone has haters online and offline, how do you deal with them?
N:I don't have haters offline because I don't associate myself with negativity or people who could potentially bring me down. I am my world, I am the ruler of my world and I put myself in a bubble to protect myself - no mean or cruel comments can touch me in this bubble it's like a force shield, which is what I try do online too. I don't think that I have haters on here though, and even if I did, what is hate if not an incredibly strong feeling, so I think to myself... Why do these people care so much? I feel sorry for people who put their time and energy into hating someone. I'm sensitive still though, but I really just try to be the kindest, most genuine, giving and helping person I can be... I'm the mother Angel of all of these people and I can't let them fall, I am here for every single person on here and I would go to the ends of the Earth for all of you whether you know it or not. I truly mean that with all my heart. I am helping people constantly.

S:If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

N:I hear that many mortals wish to never age, however I do not have that problem so this is probably the most difficult question to me. I think I wish for the whole world instead of the small piece I have which is my life, for perfection in everything that I do... To be a superhuman. When I was younger, I thought that I was because I believed I could see through metal, however, it was just me going cross eyed which created the double images, so in the end I had to choose to only see one image, resulting in a loss of my power so I would not look physically stupid. Now I don't care if I look stupid, I want to see the whole world not just a fragment or half of it... I know that I will be a superhuman once more, I can choose both worlds. To live without limits.

S:Last but not least, do you look up to anybody on Stardoll? If yes, who and why?
N:I look up to myself because I'm everything I want to be, everything I aspire to be, and because I have to put myself first in every situation, I have to live with myself at the end of the day, I love and care for myself 100% before anything and everything. I also look up to my friend Jailer. We are connected in a way that is not human, despite being incredibly different, but exactly the same as each other. I know that Jailer will protect me and look after me no matter what, my everything... I love them dearly. I am the same with my friend Undamyumbrellla, she is my girl, my everything and more. They both are constantly with me.

S:Thank you again for your time! ♥
N:Thanks Sarah you know I think you're the cutest person in the world. The only thing that I have left to say is... I'm going to lose my manners, and my mind. Nimka out. PS. you are MENTAL.

Isn't she the cutest? I know it's longer than our usual posts but definitely worth reading! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did

I hope you have a great week ♥

Love, Sarah.

p.s  I stole her picture oops



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