Stardoll's Limited Edition store (also known simply as "LE") is a Starplaza store releasing only a small number of pieces to members, making total sense of the name. It was a concept launched in September of 2008 - since then it has evolved into a universally admired part of Stardoll's social construct. Players commit all acts of dedication, to such extremes as skipping school or work, and sometimes even not eating in fears that they may miss the latest collections release.

Limited Edition Season 1 garments, including the much wanted "Moto Jacket"

But the question I'm sure many of us ponder over is, why are we so obsessed with LE? Of course the sheer fact that only limited numbers of each piece are available is enough for any of us to want to get our hands on the items - but how has LE stood 10ft tall for the last 7 years, essentially still having the majority of us eating from the palm of Stardoll's hand?

The chain of Limited Edition stores kicked off in 2008 with the release of LE Season 1; this collection was the smallest, most limited, and to this day, in it's entirety, is still the most wanted collection of all. Such items as the "Studded Motorcycle Jacket" and both "Pom Pom Cape(s)" can rack up hundreds of dollars in real money for those who choose to sell items outside of the regulations of Stardoll.

 (Nor I or stardollchat.com advise or encourage the act of trading items or selling items over 600SD, for real money etc.)

 Moto Jacket and both Pom Pom Cape(s)

As you escalate beyond future collections, you begin to notice a selectivity with admiration to items, for example; much wanted items from Seasons 2 and 3 aren't necessarily all that desired, more so just collectors items. This gets confusing though when you take into consideration Stardoll disastrously giving away free copies of the "Cupid Dress" from Season 2 as of recent.

Cupid Dress from LE Season 2

And then you get to Season 4, which is when items became more heavily inspired by runway garments. It's at this point when LE really began to up it's game and start raking in piles upon piles of cash from members. Pieces such as the "Ribbon Slash Dress" (inspired by Alexander Wang) and "Clear Plastic LE Purse" (inspired by Chanel) really caught users attention. From this, we can almost theorize that the craving for LE could derive from owning designer fashion garments, albeit not in reality, but to a certain degree, at least.

Ribbon Slash Dress and Clear Plastic LE Purse from LE Season 4.

Continuing on, a pattern forms but also breaks itself, inverts and twists, scrapping whatever ideas we had as to why LE is so sought after. Popular pieces from future collections up to Season 8 include many scarce items, which boils the selection down to a case of mass appeal. Users want these items because they are, point blank, nice looking. They appeal to the eye and look good on any doll.

Many announce Season 9 to be the downfall of LE, others differ in saying that the monstrosity that is Season 10 was the ultimate kill-shot to the brand. Pieces from Season's 9 and up are more enough easy to find in the Bazaar, beside a small handful of items. As LE ages, the brands appeal seems to descend rapidly with each new release. People are now seeking out the pieces which boast the most mass attention, substantially making Limited Edition one of the most bankable brands on the website. You can count on LE to bump up your Stardollar balance - pieces are snapped from Bazaars faster than pretty much every other brand.

In conclusion, it seems as though why we want LE is actually a question alluding to different answers depending on when you ask it. Earlier seasons are wanted because they are, well, more limited. Later collections include pieces that resemble those of real life runway garments - who doesn't want to own those, even if just in a makeshift parallel reality? Then, the solution of universal appeal comes into play and we see that people simply want the items because they're nice.

Limited Edition is a code written and amplified a million times, made to not be cracked. We will never be able to settle on one answer as to why we pay through the nose to get our grubby little hands on a "Paperbag Skirt" or a pair of "Antlers", but what we do know is that LE has more than enough of us by the scruff of the neck and is bleeding us all dry - and then Young Hollywood comes out 3 days later to finish off the job.




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