Dealing With stress

A lot of people are currently or soon will be sitting exams. They may get stressed so I wanted to make a useful post. 
Stress is a huge part of life, we all experience it. Life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations and demands. Unfortunately for many people stress is very common. Stress is not always a bad thing. Experiencing minor stress can help us perform under pressure and can sometimes motivate us to do our best. Although if you are constantly stressed your mind and body can pay the price. 

Before I give you examples on how you can deal with stress, I want to help you discover what potentially could be causing your stress. 
Here are some causes of stress:
  •  Major life changes, for example moving house.
  • Work or school. 
  • Relationship difficulties, whether that be between you and someone or your parents.
  • Being too busy, leaving work to the last minute can really build up stress.
  • Worrying, do not over-think things! 
  • Negative self-talk, we all have things we dislike about ourselves! Nobody's perfect (Love you Hannah Montana!) instead of focusing on something we dislike, focus on what you do like and trust me what you see as a flaw someone else would see as beauty. 
  • Unrealistic expectations, I'm all for people having high hopes but do not rule out the chance for failing. I'm not saying anyone is a failure, but you will never reach the top if you are afraid to fall.  
I want to help you reduce your stress, so I did some research and these in my opinion are the best solutions: 
Sitting down or walking in a park and taking in sights, sounds and smells can redirect your focus from your worries. 
Do something you love, draw, read, listen to music, play an instrument. 
Take a bath, light a candle, give yourself a facial or paint your nails, do whatever you want. Make time during your week to pamper yourself. 
I should exercise more than I do because it is not only good for your physical health but it is also great for your mental health. Exercise can help regulate sleep, boosts your energy and helps you remain calmer and more focused. 
The thought of hiding away under the covers sounds pretty great when there's so much to deal with beyond your bedroom door, but sleeping too much isn't the answer. Sleep is great, it can really help you wake up refreshed but too much sleep can make you feel even more tired. 

That's all I have to say, though there are many other ways to reduce stress, these are what helps me. 
I hope this helps you in anyway. 
If you have any other stress reducing techniques then comment them below! You never know who it can help. 

Thank you for reading and apologies for such a long post!
Peace out girl scout 



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