Favourite Freebie Dresses

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good week!

My article today is about my favourite freebie dresses. "Freebies" as we affectionately call them are free items Stardoll gives us for campaigns, promotions, sponsorships and as prizes from competitions and The Vote . Some of them are really cheap looking, but others are amazing! Most freebies are non-sellable, but some are. I have been playing Stardoll for 7+ years on my csi12asa account and have a wide selection of freebies. I chose my favourite dresses from my selection.

I used non-freebie items for the items as well, but the main part of each outfit is a dress that I got as a freebie. 

1: I got this dress from a campaign called "Spring Surprises" 3 years ago. I love this dress, it's artsy and unique. 
I used: 'Black and Silver Draped Dress' from Spring Surprises, 'Basics Black Tank Top' from Basics, 'Precious Silver Clutch' from Windows on The World, 'Strappy Heels' from It Girls, and'Black Pearls Long earrings' from MS.TQ

2: I got this 4 years ago from a contest in Russia. I love this abstract colourful dress! I wear it often on Stardoll. I also used freebie shoes and a freebie clutch for this outfit. 
I used: 'Photo Print Frock' from Folk, 'Gilded Clutch' Special Offer, 'LiuJo Beige Shoes' from Liu-Jo store (it was a completely free store 5 years that I think was a glitch), and 'PPQ Gold Hoops' from PPQ

3: This dress was from a Ramadan Campaign. I like the colours. 
I used: 'Ramadan Dress' Special Offer, 'Vanda Clutch' from Dolce and Gabbana tribute, 'Blue Festive Stilettos' from Voile Holiday  Boutique, and 'Blue Sapphire Necklace' from Glam'R'us.

4. I can't remember where I got this one, but it is really nice for a freebie. 
I used: 'Red Dress' from It Girls, 'HotHotBuys Studded Jacket' from Hot Hot Buys, 'Red chainlink heels' from Perfect Day and a Stardesign necklace I made.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great week! Please share pictures of your own favourite freebie dress!

-Amy Katrina, csi12asa  



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