Hello reader, I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Its Saturday which means its time for another post by yours truly. I would like to start off by congratulating all the mothers that are part of our SDC community in this mother's day weekend, also I extend my most sincere best wishes for all of your mothers. Remember we only have one so in this day make them feel special a simple I love you is more than enough sometimes. Said that, lets start talking fashion. This week I have decided to make a look book on skirts. In Stardoll skirts can sometimes be awkward due to the position of our dolls legs, however when styled right a skirt can be the spotlight of any outfit.

                      Outfit 1:                               Outfit 2:
         What I tried to do here is create                                            If you know my style you should 
          what some may call a rather                                       by know that I am a sucker for a uniform
    "sweet" look. I can see a girl wearing                                   looking outfit. This plaid skirt plays
  this outfit while shopping on an afternoon.                            fun and flirty at the same time. I love 
We can see how the skirt ties every piece of                            exaggerating the schoolgirl outfit by 
                 the outfit together.                                            adding a beret, socks and a backpack looking

                                Outfit 3:                           Outfit 4:
          For this look what I did was, I intended to                         This color blocking I used on this
       recreate something elegant yet interesting and                   outfit I believe creates a really unique
   visually appealing around the uniqueness of the skirt.             look. The nudes on both, the heels and
     In my opinion sheer black and silver are wonderful             top balance the overall craziness of this
                               along this skirt.                                                                   look.

I really hope my post encourages all of you to style a skirt today or in the near future, if you decide to do so remember to share it on the comments section. I will be watching across todays post for killer outfits with skirts, I will be choosing one to be featured on my post and be the receiver of a price for the return of flash fashion, except now its more of not-so-flash. That concludes my post for today. See you all next week. Stay fetch.

- North West Kardashian A.K.A pinklovelemons



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