Low budget facemask ideas

Hello everyone, its been awhile hasn’t it? I hope that you are all doing well and having a fantastic (for those of you who have started it) summer vacation!
Today's post is something different from the usual styling posts and store reviews. Although this post is not really that different it’s still dealing with a  pretty basic concept.
Okay so I know what most of you can't really afford a ‘high end’ stardesign face mask and that's okay this post is going to show you a few alternatives to stardesign face masks that in my opinion look pretty cool and are way lower than the typical 80sd facemask.
before we start i am going to show you my doll before :
*+*+*Wig by fame.lady.gaga.*+*+*

  1. This is something that i put together using a transform face mask, one thing i've learned is that they look better on different skintones than the ones that they were made for. Although they still look greasy.
Transform contour mask classic medium upper 22sd
(in this order)
White collection eyeshadow 5sd
Crimson eyeshadow 6sd
Fire brick eyeshadow 6sd
Shadow eyeshadow 6sd
Alabaster shade stick 24sd (used to make the transform mask a bit less bright)
Bronze shade stick  24sd

*+*+*A few self explanatory finishing touches*+*+*
which makes:
As you can see it doesn't look that bad but at the same time my face still looks as if i shoved my face into a tub of hair grease
I give this this one a 5/10

2. You can also get the facemask look by using blush and a few shade sticks :

Well thats pretty much all. #challengefailed The second one was cute though. I kinda like the first because it looks like i've been working in a dusty mine.


Make your own low- budget face mask using either hair design and/ or makeup like shown above


1st place:
2nd place
3rd place: 50sd wl gift
  • If you make a facemask YOU must make it no one else. I will be checking the comments and making sure the mask was made in your name
  • If you are using makeup you are allowed to use someone else’s doll but for the purpose of makeup use only no masks should be used and take a picture of the doll’s user
  • Can be made in the starplaza but you can not use hair masks along with it.
  • if you are using your own doll from your bp you can use the mask you created + makeup.
  • A maximum of 1 entry is allowed.
  • When you are done post your entry using #diymask and @jassmine
  • As usual anyone can join the entries will be judged by myself and 3 others ( I have volunteered Lauren ,gabby, + olga as tribute)
  • You have 2 days to submit your entry (today and tomorrow)
Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section. 

Thats all for today see you soon or not. (probably not xx )

-xoxo gossip girl
        jassmine x



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