9 to 5 Store - A Review


Hey guys!

Recently we got a brand new store called 9 to 5, and today, Stardoll released another collection!
So what is it? 9 to 5 is basically a store based around careers, you can get posed clothing and decor items that are all about different careers, ranging from artist to baker, from musician to florist!

This is a great alternative to Strike a Pose too! Offering unlimited, cheap posed items, while it isn't as fashion forward as SaP it is still great and can mix up a usual outfit! Also, most of them are skin coloured too! With the same 3 shades as the latest SaP, all dollies can enjoy this fun store.

For those of us who don't have many stardollars, there are plenty of starcoin items.
While many may not like this store much, as it certainly doesn't feature the designer items we've come to expect from Stardoll nowadays, it's great for people who enjoy basing their doll and suite around real life.
It's not too wearable, but there are a few hidden gems here and there and I adore the gorgeous (though they add up to be expensive) flowers!

Prices? Not too high! As I mentioned, those flowers, at 2-3 stardollars a pop, can be pretty expensive, but the poses are inexpensive and plenty of starcoin items are dotted around the store.

All in all, amazing! Definitely a nice change from normal store releases and I'm sure to have a lot of fun with the floristry and baking items.

What did you think of this new store? Will you or did you buy anything? Let me know!!

See you soon,
Beth x