Surviving High School

Hi guys I know a few of you are just starting high school or may already have started high school and don't really know what to expect and want a bit of help on what not to do so you can avoid drama so im going to use some of my life experiences  being a Junior this year I do have quite a lot of them. So I hope you do actually read this post since it will help you in real life and help you have a great time hopefully.
Disclaimer: These are my opinions/ views on things and everyone has their own opinion but I have given this same advice to some of my freshman friends last year and it actually made their year better, but every school is different and every area is different so you can't really try to attack me for trying to help you have a better year since none of these tips are to hurt you and can only help you.
Enjoy xx
Tip 1:

This isn’t middle school anymore in High School it’s truly survival of the fittest. Those same people that you used to call your friends last year are gone, they don't care about you. They may seem to care at first but as the years past they will change and mold into the typical “rebellious” highschooler. Just because they’re nice to you when you’re around doesn't mean that they’re being as nice behind closed doors meaning trashing you and ect. I’m not saying that you shouldn't hang around anyone, because of course you don't wanna sit alone at lunch or on the bus. Just dont let anyone get too close because chances are they just may air your dirty laundry. I really cannot stress this enough. Yes you can call them friends but just don't expect them to not turn on you.

Tip 2:

Sure they’re nice to have but they aren't necessary.
Most fresh meats go into High School looking for love when they should be focusing on their school work. Actually this applies to all grades. Dont go looking for love because love is overrated if you’re looking for it while still being pretty young, I suggest working on following your dreams and being the best you you can be first and maybe you will find your “special someone” along the way but if not don't rush anything. Because if something goes wrong you definitely want to have something to fall back on because having a pretty face isn't enough. Anyways relationships in high school only cause trouble, heartbreak and unnecessary drama 9/10 of the time so dont be too eager to start dating. I don't really think you should date the upperclassman because my parents have always told me this and watching other people i've found this to be true (I’m going to put this bit in bold because this is something that you should remember ) “why would he/she want you when there's always a girl who looks better than you who's actually his/her age next door? Thats like a person buying flipflops from the dollar store only to use them to walk from the parking lot to the store only to replace them for something better when they’re available. You’re not that cute, you’re not that smart, and you’re not that special and believe it or not there will always be someone who's better than you and at your age the guys will always choose the better option.”

Tip 3
Bring your own lunch school food is healthy and GROSS
thanks obama. A nice lunch buddy is nice to have but if she/he starts talking trash about someone leave asap because you shouldn't trust anyone especially on your first year because you don't wanna get yourself caught up into some he said she said mess and have to fight your way out. Jail or court isn't fun. ( although it is funny seeing someone re enact the fight saying “Would you want this done to you????”) PSA: DONT TALK BAD ABOUT SOMEONE BIGGER THAN YOU UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET PEPPER SPRAYED OR DRAGGED INTO YOUR OWN GRAVE.
PLEASE DO NOT BE LIKE THIS GIRL (she got this mole thats big enough to have its own area code I cry when i see her ) FROM MY SCHOOL RIP.

Tip 4
Aeropostale makes me cry
And everyone else for that matter
Please do not be that one kid stuck in junior high days. Stay away from anything that visibly says “Aeropostale” trust me its for your own good. unless you want to be roasted x10 ofc. “look at …. she/he wears aeropostale” is one of the worst insults you could receive about clothing choices .

Tip 5:
Waste of time/ money your classes are going to be everywhere and you in most schools only have 5 minutes to to get to and from classes and lockers really aren't worth getting in trouble for. No one in my school has a locker and I understand why.

Tips 6-8
Don't be that one freshman who
6.Tries to hand out with all the seniors.
7.Thinks that they’re the baddest around.

8.Runs their mouth 39/8 that will probably talk about the wrong person and get dragged soo deep that they will never be able to recover.
(meaning no one will want to be around you or anything)

Tip 9
Snitches get stitches
One thing I hate is a snitch. and I’m not talking about a this person has been bullying me for weeks/months situation. I mean one who runs their mouth about everyone and their mother than when you approach them they run to the guidance counselor saying you threatened to kill them or some crazy mess. That will get you nowhere but on the floor bleeding because when the person gets in trouble for your lies they will be thinking “Hey if they wanted to lie / snitch on me might as well get things poppin for them.” (aka me) No but seriously dont snitch unless someone is bullying your or something because im pretty sure if you ignore the problem the problem will go away imo if you feed into it then try to go snitch you’re as guilty as the other person. So you don't talk bad about anyone or be rude and you won't really have any problems if they don't know you exist or haven't talked to you before they can’t talk about you.

Tip 10
Have fun

Although there are many things you need to focus on like grades and ect it's still important to have fun along the way. Just be cautious about what you say and who you say it to and you will be fine honestly. Choose your friends wisely if you don't like getting into trouble then don't hang out with trouble makers because that lifestyle isn't for everyone and to be able to hang out with those type of people you have to be willing to be a follower and you should never be a follower. Be your own person because everyone is unique. You should be around good influences instead of bad. Dont give anyone second chances because you will find yourself on a merry go round. Don't change who you are for anyone someone out there will share your same interests.  
QOTD: when do you start school?
AOTD: August 24
Till next time
-gossip girl



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