New Suite Update - A Review

So, as any royalty member will have noticed, we got an update and it's a big one.
 Stardoll finally updated the closet! And most of us hate it!
First of all, let's take a tour:

The 'My Suite' button takes you to the usual room view. a little updated but pretty much the same!


 Click that little gear (I know, it's tiny!) and you go to your room options, which, again, is essentially the same. Now rather than having to scroll forever to find the right interior to use it's much easier! This is one of the few things I prefer about this update.


Let's move on to the most important part, the wardrobe. Now clothing and accessories are mashed together, and you can't keep your storage clothing seperate from your actual closet. Kinda annoying in the case of ugly freebies! And wave goodbye to any organisation you may have had! It's all gone now.
You can select a type, eg, shoes, outerwear, dresses, and this feature isn't too bad, though it takes up a lot of space if you ask me, making it seem quite cluttered.


You can sort your items by colour and also pattern. Useful if you're trying to find something that is the right colour to go with your outfit!


Another feature is sorting it by stardollar, limited, etc. To be honest this feature is pretty useless unless you're making a specifically starcoin outfit for a blog post or competition. The everyday member doesn't need it.


This next bit can be useful, if it worked really well. Too bad it doesn't. Yes, it's the brand filter! Sadly brands are missing, for example, I wanted to search for all my Museum Mile items but nope. Not there. This is great if the brand you need is shown and if not, tough luck!


The search bar at the top could be quite useful. It comes up with the brand and item name as you type so you don't have to click search and trawl through everything. I like this.
In general the closet annoys me, and it's worth noting, you cannot see anyone else's closet!


There's not much to say about the decor storage, it's just like the wardrobe.


Most of the other things are essentially the same, however a lot of text has been replaced with symbols and it's just a little different to look at.
When you click on the info button, there's a recycle button so this is a bit easier than before, but adds on an extra click to the process.


When you select your doll and click on the dress with a tick next to it, this sidebar pops up.
There's the usual set as top style and back to top style buttons and there's also an edit button!


When you click that, you get taken to this screen. It's just the closet but where the little peek of your suite was, your doll is in the centre, with the room behind blurred out. This isn't great if you like to coordinate your doll with your background, like me, as it makes it tricker. There's also a glitch where your shoes disappear when you save! All in all, I hate this!

That's pretty much the update. The closet doors and also doors at the side of the normal rooms have disappeared (yay!) but there's not much to say on that! They've changed a lot and I honestly think it's for the worse. My closet looks ugly and so does everything else! I miss the old suite...
This update isn't very user friendly. If you're a new member it can be quite daunting and very confusing, I barely got around it with 5 years of Stardoll knowledge! 

What do you think of these updates? What would you change if you could and what would you keep?
Have a lovely day
Beth x



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