Hanbok Folk Costume

Hello everyone! Today my article is another folk costume article. This time I will be featuring elsa_annaPink in her hanbok dress she made. She did a wonderful job recreating Hanbok clothing.

Hanbok (한복)clothing is what the South Korean's call their traditional folk costume. It is called Joseon-ot (조선옷) in North Korea. Women's clothing consists of a shirt called a Jeogori and a skirt called Chima. A Jeogori is a plain blouse that is long sleeved. It is worn by both men and women, but the women's is much different. A woman's jeogori comes to the waist line. The Chima also known as a Sang, or Gun comes to above the waist line and is worn with a belt. Petticoats are worn under a Chima skirt. The Jeogori is worn over the Chima and belt. There are many different accessories worn with Hanbok clothing including various types of hair clips and different pendants.

Presently Hanbok clothing is worn only on special occasions but like many folk costumes they used to be worn as everyday wear in the old times. Hanbok clothing has been around since 3rd century BCE. It has changed much during this time, sleeves changed shape, Jeogori changed length, Chima styles varied.

Joseon-ot clothing is one of the national Symbols of North Korea, and is worn often to showcase the culture of North Koreans. North Korean culture is very insular so there are very little influence from outside cultures. Certain styles that have faded from South Korean Hanbok are still present in North Korean Joseon-ot.

Here is what Hanbok/Joseon-ot looks like in real life:

Here is the version elsa_annaPink created on SD:

Thank you for reading my article and thank you elsa_annaPink for letting me featuring her! Have a great week!

-Amy Katrina, csi12asa

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