Interview With A Starblogger

Hey guys <3

This week I interviewed Moosycakes! She has been a Starblogger for quite a while and after reading her posts I decided to talk to her!

Click HERE to read her latest Starblog post!

Hello! How are you today? Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Hello there! I'm great thank you, although it's a bit too hot for me here in New Zealand! I'm a 21 year old student who is far too obsessed with cats and writing. My name is Moose, and I'm currently in my third and final year at university studying health science (which means public health)! I'm really passionate about equality and mental health, and I often find myself spending hours on weird projects in my real life like making terrariums or faux stained glass windows. In my Stardoll life, I spend most of my time dressing up my doll, shunning sleep in order to catch a new limited release, or penning a new post for the Starblog.

What made you decide that you to wanted to become a Starblogger?

I was originally inspired by BeatrixJane and lilrosamae who were really popular bloggers at the time, but once I started writing blogs regularly, I discovered that blogging was a really good way to get my opinions out and sometimes even help others. I find that being proactive about helping to educate others about topics that I personally find stressful (like climate change, mental health, and animal cruelty) lets me become less anxious about those topics in my own life. I also find formatting posts about certain controversial topics in a way that is acceptable for the varied age groups present on Stardoll is a great challenge! Yeah, I'm a total nerd.

Your blog posts are always so positive and creative! Where do you draw inspiration from?

A lot of my inspiration comes from my university courses, and my real life! The posts I write about health, mental health, and social justice are usually inspired by a particularly interesting lecture, while posts about friendship, fashion, and other random stuff is usually inspired by events in my personal life- or just things I think up on the long bus ride home!

What advice would you give those who aspire to be a Starblogger someday?

As with anything, my main advice is to practice. Even looking back to my posts from a year ago, I can see how much my writing has improved- it used to be so uninteresting to read! In addition, I would encourage you to spell check EVERYTHING and learn about grammar. So many people ask me for blog feedback, and so many of those people have brilliant post ideas that are let down by being hard to read! I personally also like to write down every blog idea I think of, so I have a big list of potential topics for lazy days. It also helps me stay original, so I'm never tempted to copy another post or ideas from a post! Most important of all, KEEP TRYING. I wasn't accepted as a Starblogger on my first application- or my second, or my third. Keep applying until you get accepted! They may just be waiting for a vacancy in the Starblogging team.

Thank you so much for letting me interview you

Thanks for having me everyone! Best wishes, and let me know if you would like any help in trying for the Starblog (or anything else, although I doubt I'd be able to help)!

You can also look at her personal blog and follow her on twitter (@Moosycakes_Star)



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