Review: TSA Red Carpet 2016

Today I am reviewing some of  The Stardoll Awards most interesting and beautiful red carpet looks along with SDC members Kat, Lydia, Glitters and Aaliyah! 
We reviewed 16 random looks for this post out of the 60+ looks on the red carpet last night.

Styled by Isabella8103

Sarah: I love this look. While the bright, vibrant orange colour is definitely not my favourite thing about your look, the graphic is so well made that you pull it off perfectly. To top it off your hair and makeup are flawless which is why I am giving this outfit 9/10.

Kat: I loved this a lot. The legs look a little awkward and stubby, but the color was astounding and it is really unique. 8/10

Lydia: I adore this look, it’s striking without coming off as try-hard, there’s a cool elegance to it which I really appreciate. The choice of belt and shoes really bring it into another dimension for me, the clear detail on the shoes and rigidity of the belt serving as excellent points of difference. It also goes without saying that the hair and makeup are utterly life giving. 9/10

Glitters: First of all, the color of this pantsuit is gorgeous, I love that she is not wearing a gown and still looks so elegant. The only thing that I’m not quite fond of is the belt. Other than that this look is stunning from head to toe, the hair is probably one of the best hairstyles of the night. This is definitely a 9/10 for me.

Aaliyah: I have to say - I rarely see orange work on red carpets but she did it 100% justice and owned the look. Hair, makeup, outfit - all beautiful. As Donya said, I'm glad she didn't go for a typical gown - they get so blase after a while. I have to give an 8/10 for this look.

Styled by Aeon_Flux_96

Sarah: The fur has all my attention in this outfit. It looks so soft and warm. The colour is perfect and goes so well with your dolls look. I agree with Lydia when it comes to the hair. If it was pulled back in the front this look would be perfect. 8/10

Kat: This was luxe as HELL. the color was perfect, the fit was perfect and the accessories were subtle enough to let the look shine. 9/10

Lydia: As Glitters said, the graphic work on the fur needs to be applauded, it looks so stunning especially in this colour. However, I feel that the belt and hair combo detract from the overall look by simply doing too much. Personally I would remove the belt and slick back the hair for full effect, that fur needs space to shine. 7/10

Glitters: Such a striking look, the color is really speaking to me, I probably would never wear such a color but it looks flawless on her doll. Also can we talk about the graphic work on that fur, it looks so fluffy and real. I give this look an 8/10.

Aaliyah: The second I saw this look I stopped and was in awe. The choice of fashion alone was amazing as it was, but the graphics just blew me away! Beautiful pastel-ish shade of lavender pink. I'm a sucker for fur. If I have to critique something, it’d be the clash with the coat over the dress. Id have loved to see the fur draped around the arms perhaps? Secondly, I felt the hair and makeup was too simple for the outfit. A statement smokey eye with a slick back hair would have been great. Overall I'm going to give a 7/10 though. Well done.

Jeanette Low
Styled by Jeannette Gabrielli

Sarah: I love how well drawn this dress is. Everything about your look is perfect except the slit in the middle of the skirt. If it was a full skirt or the slit was only at the side, it would have looked amazing. Your hair and makeup are fierce and I love the pose. 8/10

Kat: I didn't love this honestly. The slit in the middle is awkward and the shading on top is lacking. 6/10

Lydia: I agree with Glitters about something feeling off in this look, however for me it is the sheer material of the bodice - I feel that this somewhat detracts from the impact of the intricate black detailing and makes it seem slightly cheap. The skirt on the other hand is stunning and the split detail is perfect. The hairstyle leaves a little to be desired yet still ties in quite well with the overall look. 7/10

Glitters: Something feels off about this look for me, I think it might be the color of the skirt. I would’ve loved to see the skirt in black, it would probably make the look more whole. But the bodice looks amazing to me. I give this look a 7/10.

Aaliyah: I wasn't really feeling this look at all. That awkward slit in the middle of the dress was awkward enough alone till I noticed what Lydia mentioned about the colour of the sheer material on the top half of the dress. Honestly, it looked like a bunch of curtain drapes stuck together to form a make-do skirt. Nonetheless, I loved the hair and makeup and you yourself looked good! 3/10

Styled by herself

Sarah: I love everything about this dress. The colour, quality, and detail are perfect. I agree that the leg is slightly awkward but the dress completely makes up for that. 9/10

Kat: Again, I think the leg here is a little awkward, but the dress itself is stunning. Personally, I'm not a big fan of red dresses on the red carpet, but this made it work. 8/10

Lydia: I hate to say it but I’m simply not feeling this look, the shade of red mixed with the diamonds and sheen of the material are real turn offs. I do, however, appreciate the intricacy of the diamond graphics. 6/10

Glitters: Can we agree on the fact that the graphics on this look are outstanding? Other than that I’m not really digging it. I do think that the pose looks really cool, the leg that’s showing gives some kind of sexy-ness to the look. I give this a 7/10, because of the amazing graphic work.

Aaliyah: I loved the colour on you, its definitely your shade! I didn't like the shape of the dress much as I've seen it too much on red carpets. I like how you tried something unique with the bedazzled cloth from the top down to the bottom of the dress. You could have pulled it off if it was floor length, but it looked awkward just hanging off the calf of your leg. Amazing graphic work overall and love the peep leg. 5/10

Styled by themself

Sarah: I genuinely love this look. The ghostly vibe I’m getting from it is haunting. The pearls are my favourite part and beautiful hair completes this look for me. 9/10

Kat: This was pretty nice, but I expected more from Jailer. Their looks are usually so over the top, and I feel like this lacked the shock factor I've come to adore. 7/10

Lydia: The fact that we seem to have all been expecting something with high shock value makes us run the risk of not viewing this look objectively, which would be a shame as it really is stunning in my opinion - and, in this context, could just as well be considered shocking. Monochromatic and simply effective, the hair and beauty look bring it all together for me. 9/10

Glitters: Looking at Jailer’s nomination party look I expected a bit more from them, the look for the nomination party was so daring and different that I expected something even more shocking for the big night. Although I am in love with the pearls and the posing of the hand, this is not really doing a lot for me. I give this a 6/10.

Aaliyah: I really liked this look. Nimka vibes! Its so different to what we have seen from Jailer and I'm happy about that. Always something different to see on every red carpet. Graphics were fairly good, and that pearl necklace drape was really chic. 7/10

Styled by Fashiongirl

Sarah: I love the concept of this dress and the whole look overall. If it had been drawn using real life proportions I think it would have been amazing. 5/10

Kat: This was so bizarre. The art style was an interesting deviation from the norm, but it almost didn't work. The dress itself was not to my taste, either. All in all, not my favorite look. 6/10

Lydia: As much as i appreciate this from an artistic point of view, I feel it has been too far removed from stardoll. I feel conflicted as I truly do love the look and love how unique it is (and would be even with the usual medoll look) but cannot help but see it as completely out of place amongst the other dolls. Beautiful hair and beauty look with stunning detailing on the dress. 8/10

Glitters: The thing that’s bothering me with this look is that it does not look like a Medoll anymore, it looks so cartoonish. Now if it were to be not so cartoonish, I probably would’ve loved it. The whole ensemble would have looked so amazing. I give this a 6/10.

Aaliyah: I like the structure of the dress and you looked great, but it defeats the purpose of The STARDOLL Awards, don't you think? You hardly look like a MeDoll anymore. It’s more like something you would see in a Givenchy sketchbook. Really good look, just not for a Stardoll show. 5/10

Styled by Sophie Love

Sarah: What I love about this is that you almost look like a barbie doll. Your makeup, hair and skin are beautiful. I love the design of the dress, especially the middle part, but it almost looks painted on and that really lets the look down. If it was more realistic it would have been perfect. 7/10

Kat: I wasn't a big fan of this. The shading is too extreme and the bodice does unflattering things to her boobs. The hair was also not my favorite of the night. I can say, though, that her skin looked beautiful. 7/10

Lydia: I must say I am not a fan of this look in any way really, It isn’t particularly striking to me and feels off in quite a few ways. Far too many components working against each other ultimately resulting in something which looks sloppy and over the top. 6/10

Glitters: I agree with Kat, the skin looks remarkable, yet the boob shading is a bit heavy. I am not a fan of this purple color, I think this dress would’ve looked a lot more chic in black or royal blue. Also the train is a bit too much for me, I would’ve loved to see the dress without it. It’s a 6/10 for me.

Aaliyah: I personally wasn't a fan of this look at all. Nothing about this was appealing to me, sorry. The hair looked really stiff, the dress itself wasn't very Jodie - it seemed too simple compared to what I usually see you in. Graphics were well done, skin looking beautiful as ever. 5/10

Minaj and Blinnes
Styled by Isabella8103

Sarah: Your outfits were definitely among my favourite of the night. I adore the dress in both colours. You both look perfect. 10/10

Kat: These were so good! The whole matchy matchy thing rarely works, but something about these two looks just clicked for me. 9/10

Lydia: Stunning. Wonderful attention to detail and an obvious respect for simplicity in this case have resulted in two of my absolute favourite looks of the night. 10/10

Glitters: The whole ensemble is just a big yes for me. From the color choice to the shape’s of the dresses, everything looks so well put together. I love how the color’s compliment both of the dolls skintones. The only thing that I would have not necessarily add to the look were the headbands. I give this a 9/10.

Aaliyah: This blew my mind when I saw it! Beautiful dolls, hair, makeup, DRESSES. So simple but so well made. The sheer skirt contrasted the body suits of the dress well and it was just so pretty overall. 8/10

Mandamichalka and Bottega
Styled by Star Arambula

Sarah: For me, these were two of the most striking outfits. Both of you look so fierce and the graphics are drawn to perfection. The fur just makes the looks stand out even more (and I love glitter). The hair is amazing but I think it distracts a bit from the beautiful outfits which is why I’m giving you both 9/10.

Kat: Again, these two were a little matchy matchy, but in this case I feel the looks are different enough to remain interesting rather than monotonous. 8/10

Lydia: Whilst still fairly striking, I feel that the end result is compromised by too much going on. The sparkles, creases, fur and various other meant-to-be features ultimately take away from one another. 7.5/10

Glitters: Another very well dressed couple. I think I'm loving the outfit the doll on the right is wearing a bit more though as I am a big fan of the jumpsuit. Also, compliments to the person that did the hairstyles on these dollies, so glamorous yet so fierce. I give this look in a whole an 8/10.

Aaliyah: I would have liked this look if the hair was swept back, or even in a high ponytail, or anything but set across the shoulder. The fur was a statement but it looked really bad with the hair on top. I loved the semi sheer elements to these outfits though. Generally a really nice dressed couple. 6/10

Styled by herself

Sarah: This wasn’t one of my favourites. The colour is off and the fur looks slightly out of place but overall the look is very glamorous and I love the fun pose. 6/10

Kat: Everything about this jumpsuit is well done. The look manages to be minimalist but still has a sort of playful edge to it, which I don't see too often in simple looks. 8/10

Lydia: I think this look is simply gorgeous, however, there is something about it which feels much more suited to a slightly more casual day time event rather than a red carpet. Graphic work is exceptional and I really do adore the hair and beauty look along with that choker. 8.5/10

Glitters: One of my favorite looks of the night by far, another amazingly executed graphic. The whole thing is just gorgeous, I love the fact that the outfit is so glamorous, showing that you don't have to wear a dress to look chic. And don’t even get me started on the hair, the shape, the color, it goes so well with the outfit. If I had to find anything I would change about this look it’s the shoes, maybe heels would’ve worked better and make it even a bit more chic. I can’t do anything else but to give this look a 10/10.

Aaliyah: I really liked this! I feel like the the colour of the fur was a bit out of place considering the all white everything was going quite well. Maybe a chinchilla fur would have worked better? Lovely graphics, and that pose was cool! 8/10

Styled by herself

Sarah: I love your outfit. You look so sweet and elegant. The graphic couldn’t have been drawn more perfectly, especially the legs! 10/10

Kat: This was seriously really good. I can tell she spent a lot of time on it, like there are even little nipples under the crystal bit on top; the attention to detail is astonishing. The shading on the legs is out of this world too. Great work, 9/10

Lydia: This look really is exceptional, especially paired with such incredible graphic work. The simple hair and beauty look really works in favour of the outfit, however, in saying that I would’ve preferred it without the belt as it competes with the detail of the top. 9/10

Glitters: Would’ve loved to have seen how this would’ve looked with a high heel. But the graphic work is so detailed, as Kat said you can really see that she has put a lot of time and work in this. I think this look is really pretty and suits the doll very well. I give it an 9/10.

Aaliyah: This look was just breath-taking. Her eye for detail was clearly key and her hours spent on this paid off. The graphics were so well done, and I loved the choice of dress too. Personally, seeing as the detail on the top half of the dress was sheer and heavily embroidered with several glittery elements I would have gone for an up-do rather than a wavey look over the dress. Perhaps curls would have looked good but if they were to be swept back behind the shoulder. Loved it nonetheless. 9/10

Styled by Jeanette Gabrielli

Sarah: This look was another one of my favourites. Although some of the shading isn’t the best you look so simple but elegant. I love the accessories, hair and makeup. 8/10

Kat: This look was really simple, but unfortunately not in a very interesting or innovative way. It was a bit plain for my taste. 6/10

Lydia: I don’t find any aspect of this look to be particularly interesting or pleasing, but rather over the top. The cut and neckline of the dress seem quite dated, and that shade of red paired with the silver accessories is just not working for me sadly. 6/10

Glitters: Not really my favorite, I don’t have a lot to say about this, I am just not feeling the accessories with the red dress. The silhouette of the dress does scream red carpet to me, it’s very elegant. I give this look a 5/10.

Aaliyah: Stunning. The red gown was pretty cliche considering it’s been done so many times, but hey, it is pretty timeless. The train on the dress was so beautifully executed and the diamond necklace with the matching clutch was nice too. Lovely graphics. 7/10

Styled by Sophie Love

Sarah: This graphic is flawless. The hair is perfect, the dress is gorgeous and your makeup and accessories pull it all together. 10/10

Kat: Everything about this look is wonderful. The intricate details are so well done, and the color really suits the dress. The pose was a bit awkward, but that's a small complaint. 8/10

Lydia: Quite a beautiful dress however there is just something lacking, I feel that the chosen hairstyle took away from the overall effect of the look, makeup is nicely done. 7/10

Glitters: I feel like the silhouette of this dress has been done a lot before, it’s nothing really special to me anymore, but i do like the fact that the fabric looks kind of velvety. The accessories on this look are really speaking to me though, I love the use of multiple rings and bracelets. It's a 6/10 for me.

Aaliyah: I really liked the velvet illusion look on the fabric but the dress itself didn't give me much wow factor. I do like the draped looking straps hanging off the back. 5/10

Styled by herself

Sarah: I love the detail on this dress. The lack of shading let the outfit down a lot but overall you look adorable. 6/10

Kat: I seriously loved this so much. The shading left something to be desired but the details really stood out and in general she looked like a beautiful garden swamp fairy. But like a pretty swamp, covered in glitter. 9/10

Lydia: I’m in love with this whole look, really unique and somewhat ethereal. The choice of a simple hair and beauty look really lets the dress stand out without competition, whilst both components still come together to form a well thought out and beautiful look. 10/10

Glitters: I really like this dress. The embroidery, the sheer parts, I love it. There’s just something that seems a little off, I think it might be the waistline of the dress. Other than that I find this a very nice look, it’s very different yet it works for me. I give this an 8/10.

Aaliyah: I really liked this dress and it had a ton of potential considering its a dress where detailing on the embroidery was key, but alas it was overlooked. If it was worked on a bit longer it could easily have been my best dressed. 4/10

Styled by XXsophiie.luvxx

Sarah: This outfit is very striking. There is a lot going on which I don’t particularly like but you still look fierce and I love the hair. 6/10

Kat: Everything about this look is wonderful. The intricate details are so well done, and the color really suits the dress. The pose was a bit awkward, but that's a small complaint. 8/10

Lydia: I adore this dress. Great choice to not have any accessories which would risk competing with the dress, the use of a dark lip is excellent too. Only problem is that I feel the hair is slightly too bland for such a look, a deeper colour with a middle part would have perfected it for me. 8/10

Glitters: Flawless, I mean come on, it’s Mcqueen need I say more? Excellent choice, not only is this dress absolutely gorgeous, I really love the sleek hairstyle with it, it’s very minimal yet chic. Also, compliments to the graphic designer, it seems like this was probably a very hard dress to graphic, but it turned out so good. I give this look a 10/10.

Aaliyah: I honestly loved this so much. The dress itself was already enough for me to name this look best dressed, hands down. The graphics and all made it a ton better! The slick back hairstyle was so simple and im glad it didnt clash with the outfit as its a very complex look. 10/10!

Thank you so much to Bianca Delevingne for hosting such an exciting event and thank you too everyone who voted for Stardoll Chat! We can't wait to see what TSA brings next year.

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