Easy DIY Room Part 2

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday afternoon. It feels so good just to relax after a long week. For today's post I wanted to follow up last weeks post with a part two. Once again I created a room using the very versatile DIY stair steps which are very inexpensive. I just have so much fun coming up with easy layouts using them and again I wanted to share what I have come up with.

So for this room everything can be bought in the DIY store with exception to the starcoin spotlights from the decor store Fashion. Here is what I used to create the walls of the room. In total I used 7 steps which still surprise me that they only cost one stardollar each.

Next you will want to choose your layout. I went for a square frame using three of the steps. I then added a forth step to make the skirting board but you can skip this part depending on what you are planning to furnish the room with for example what I used completely covered the skirting board. You will also want to add an extra step to act as the support for the window.

After you have the above steps complete you can add your window and another step for extra detail on the wall to give it some shape so it doesn't look too flat. The good thing about using these steps is that they can be adjusted depending on your window size.

Lastly you can add your wallpaper or wall of your choice, the view and the flooring. I went with a nice white brick feature wall and added three spotlights above it. I also chose the DIY Arlequin wallpaper to finish off the edges. I again kept with the New York view that runs throughout my suite and after that I placed a wooden floor.

Now you have your basic room and can decorate it how you wish I decided to turn mine into a bedroom for my doll. I stuck with the colour scheme of my suite and matched it with the room.

Thank you so much for reading today. If you try out this suite please let me know as I would love to see what you come up with. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope I am doing okay at this blogging thing so far lol.

Have a great weekend!

-Daniel, Ghjjhg1990



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