Stardoll Chat Socializing Code


Hello dolls, let's give fashion a break to talk about something important. How to interact on SDC. As you all know unlike other sites like USD, Hotbuys Bazaar, etc. Stardoll Chat prides itself on the fact that we create a community where friends can talk about stardoll and whatever other issues they want. So let's review as I give my input on some of the pointers that you need to know to have a happy SDC experience!

-I am new to SDC how do I start?

Well I believe the best way to start commenting in SDC is to write a little introduction for yourself! Treat this as you would with meeting new friends in real life and let us know a little bit about yourself so that we get a sense of who you are!

-What rules are there in SDC comment section?

As we have found out that SDC target audience is over a certain age where cursing is not taboo. So we allow a bit of cursing (don't over do it). Also we don't allow porn, virus links, gruesome stuff and pretty much anything that would be wrong on any social gathering.

-Is there a lot of drama in SDC?

Yes, there is. However you don't have to get involved. As this is mostly a close group of friends drama is meant to happen and you probably will get into it. But handle it with class and take it somewhere else and there will be no issue. Plus if you happen to be like me, you will agree its fun to watch.

-If I created a FB chat talking crap about people here influenced by one person and then leave SDC and tell everyone this place has "a negative vibe" can I come back?

No. Get some personality.

SDC is a place where your stardoll experience will flourish as close friendships are made here! If you are new welcome! and if you are an old member you can agree or disagree with my guidelines, add more if you think there is any missing! 

Let's continue the ride! Me and the writers are working on getting more people here due to the recent absence of old members! expect new and exciting things after this week of finals! 

Love, Pink



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