New chapter!


Hi y'all! I'm Sasha (also known as Sakuradream, and in the past as Venusio), and I am a new writer on this blog! There is nothing much to say about me, I'm a simple girl, beyhive, very créative, and I am also a writer on the blog that some of you might know, Black Beauty since a few months now. I came back one year ago and had many accs, some of you might know most of em lmao. I am a kind of artist if i can say that, I draw, a lot, and design graphics, even tho lately most of em look like shit tbh. I am going to post mostly stuff about suites here as it's the only thing I'm lowkey good at lmao. If y'all have any kind of question me is here. xx

First suite tutorial: Minimalist Loft

For my first post here I've decided to go for something very simple visually, but with lil touches of bright colors so y'all don't get bored of it after two days lmao.
First thing first! 

This is what you need, nothing huge, nothing too pricey, simple stuffs mostly from DIY (which means cheap items). You can find the spotlights in the suite shop for 40 sc, and the windows are sadly not available anymore, they are from Wild West. You can use other windows (alpine chalet's) instead, if you don't have any or don't wanna search for it in the bazaar.

First step: So! You will start by creating the window part, for that you only need three white stairs steps for 1 sd each. You will rotate one of them vertically and then come and place the two others at the extremities. Don't worry if it lowkey looks like a mess, we will cover that.

Second step: You will get another white stairs step and resize it before turning it vertically and placing it next to the three steps. Right after that you put your first window and the floor that you want.

Third step: Okay now you will come and place the longest stairway, but just before that, you have to rotate it (diagonal).


Fourth step: You will come and place the darkest wall of the two behind, and the whiter in front of it, so you can create that illusion that the suite is actually in 3D and there is this kind of depth.

Fifth step: We now have to close the roof, to do that, we will use the wall from DIY, the wall long angled one. You just place it on the top left corner behind the long white stairway step. 


Sixth step: Put a white wall, or anything you have, to fill the other part of the roof.


Seventh step: Basically now you just place two of the tiny white steps and place them parallely (one of them has to be rotated tho, the top one, look at the pic.). Then you just put the two windows left behind the white steps.


Bonus: If your white step from the left part (the one circled) is a little bit too rotated, fix that, so it looks realistic (compare the two pics, this one and the one above).


Eighth step: Add the lights. Notice that they are not all the same size, some of them are smaller (to create the depth illusion once again).


Tada! You are now done! And you can even decorate if you are not lazy and have enough sd! 

Hope y'all liked this tuto, if you have any kind of q, I'm here, love y'all x
See you soon! 



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