Stardoll's LA meet-up: My experience

Hey everyone! Just a few days ago I went to stardolls meetup and today I have a post sharing it all with you!

Now when I first heard about it I was super excited and of course I HAD to go because who doesn't need a reason to go Santa Monica? Beautiful Place I'll tell ya.

If you guys didn't know, my mom plays stardoll too so we both took days off work for it.
When we got there, we were the first! and there were bowls of candy and plates of licorice all inside a gorgeous office space and I met an amazing member of the stardoll staff, Jasmine! 
(I really wish I would've taken pictures but my phone was dying ahh)

Although the turnout was expected to be huge, it was only 8 of us which wasn't necessarily a bad thing because I got some answers to a few questions we've all been wondering.

Stardoll Mail Support: What really goes on when we send messages?
 What we assume: Stardoll doesn't care
 What really goes on: Staff members are divided by languages and members of the customer service team are sitting at their desks all day reading tens of thousands messages from the time they sit down to the last five minutes on the clock, it's a tedious process of checking what you say in your mail, going back checking what really happens based on account activity and chat messages, some cases take 10 minutes and some can take an hour or more
Messages received are prioritized by Callies Crew Member, Royalty account, SuperStar account, and then your average non SS account. Because as you all expected, they're going to listen to the paid member first because we are a huge part of the reason stardoll is what it is today, I personally feel great that being a paid member pays off in some way
What you can take from this information:
-With thousands of messages per day, some can slip through the cracks, they are only human after all
 -Spamming messages from non-SS accounts doesn't work, it'll be sent to the bottom anyway.

Why aren't we getting the brand names we constantly ask for?

While I was sitting at the table, jasmine asked for feedback and brand ideas I had and of course I mentioned Yeezy (it wouldn't be me if I didn't,tbh) This answer is very simple, it's just copyright issues for higher-end brands because "Inspired by" can only go so far, so in order to avoid further legal trouble, it takes time to get certain brands. They aren't ignoring us, there's just a process for everything.

Why can't we flip or pose our dolls?

Did you know there is a catalog with everything ever made on stardoll that consists of over 55 thousand items? We aren't able to do such a thing because the tech team would have to individually go through each item to make sure it works with our new dolls, because everyone would be fuming if they brought us what we want with a quickness but also threw in the side note "hey, none of your clothes work! good luck with that! xoxo"
They'd never do this to us which is why ultimately, we shouldn't rush them on it. Also while we're talking posing I asked them to go back to non-skin colored SAP because lets face it, our dolls are a variety of skintones and those three, aren't doing everyone in the community any justice. HOPEFULLY next strike a pose, will go back to being focused on the quality of the clothes rather than the skin colors! *fingers crossed*

Thanks for coming!

Upon leaving the meetup, jasmine handed out giftbags!
here's a picture of everything that I was given (that i, fyi, totally didnt just take a few minutes ago)

Overall I had a great time and learned a lot about stardoll!

What do you think about this information?
Does this change how you feel about stardoll?
Have a great day guys!



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