Closet Essentials

Hello SDC! I'm back with a post for y' let's jump right into it.

So these are my essentials/staple pieces for my top pieces.

First off, everyone who knows me knows I can't live without that PPQ of Mayfair top. It's practically glued to my doll. It's a great piece that you can wear under almost any shirt to give it a sophisticated vibe, or wear it on it's own with a statement necklace.

The John Galliano coat is honestly one of the best coats Stardoll has made this year. It can be worn by both male & female bodied dolls, and has a flattering pose to make it even better.

This fever top is just a good piece to own in general. If you don't have it already you need to hunt for it in the bazaar because it really is something that can make any bland outfit have a little something extra.

Moving onto pants, and one accessory lmao.

Wide leg trousers are my favorite kind of pants, if you can't tell by looking at these. The white wide trousers by PPQ are so amazing and surprisingly very cheap for such a sophisticated looking style.

These Chambray Pedal Pushers are my version of jeans. I love them so much, I can wear them with anything, and I would own five pairs if I could afford it. They are Callie's Picks, so that's a con...but even so they are a nice item to have in your closet.

Okay so this swan bow from It Girls is literally my everything. Expect a post solely on ascots because I have been using them so much. It's a nice, simple black piece that can add a flare of sophistication to whatever outfit you plop it on.

And finally, shoes. I was trying to think if I was going to live as a Stardoll minimalist and recycle all shoes except a few pairs, I decided on these two to keep.

The runway heels were limited, but available now in the bazaar. I honestly wear these shoes so much... and for a limited item they were so cheap! They were one of the first items to sell out of that season of runway, though.

Okay, the lookout shoes may look ugly...but they are honestly one of my favorite shoes. They are so versatile, and literally dirt cheap...They are still available in starplaza so tbh go get 'em. 

hellen // prezkarlz



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