SDC Welcomes Georgia + One Part Wig Tutorial

Hey everyone! I’m one of the new writers for Stardoll Chat!

Let me introduce myself! I am Georgia, but I'm more commonly known as Lana on Stardoll, as dolls usually call me by my Stardoll username!

On Stardoll I am 'LanaDelChanel.', 'Khendoll', 'Maganda_' and 'Georgia000000' (Account overload right!!). My Facebook is 'Georgia Emily' if you need to contact me on there as well (

My role on here will be announcing spoilers and making wig tutorials and discussing new designs in the Stardoll community! I am so excited to share my experiences with you all, and I'm going to love hearing all of your stories and all of your input!

Today’s post will be about making a One Part Wig using Star Design Hair! This post will be long, but detailed! So if you're here to learn step by step, then keep reading! (See Jake's New Post for his Wig techniques!)

This is the end product of the 'One Part' Wig I will be explaining today! (Wig Made on Georgia000000)

I have made a YouTube video for you all so feel free to watch it as I explain the process of making this wig! I will put the time of the video in brackets next to the relevant instruction so it is easy for you all to follow along! If this video doesn't load, you can open it in another window by clicking *HERE*

This tutorial is focusing on straight hair, but don't worry, more curly wigs will be coming in the future!

The first step is to choose the hair type you would like to work with! (0:05 Minutes on Video)

You have a choice of ‘Basic’, ‘Curlfriend’, or ‘Straight Up

My personal preference is ‘Straight Up’, as it is the one I have had the most experience working with! I find this selection the easiest to create a perfectly blended hair!

To get started, choose the type of parting you want - middle or side (If you're making a high bun, there is no need for a parting) (0:08 Minutes on Video)

Then once you have chosen the colour of the parting, fit it onto the shape of your doll’s head!

Once you have fitted your parting piece, start to shape the hair (This will form the base and shading will be added on top) (0:12 Minutes on Video)

In this case, I'm going for a natural parting with straight, but voluminous look! So I am going to add about 4 hair pieces to form the top of the hair. It is important to try to mimic the flow of natural hair (This will improve the overall appearance of the hair and make it look more soft)

Once you have created the top of the hair, it is easier to focus on one side at a time. In this video tutorial, I tended to switch between sides - but this technique was to get the outline shape of my wig right before i started to add the details! If you're a beginner, its easier to focus on one side at a time, rather than two sides at once!

TIP: To make your wig flow, it important to align the pieces correctly - If you're going for a natural look, we don't want it to the pieces to be very straight and rigid.

To make the hair flow, add another piece of hair over the top, and turn the translucency down! (0:12 Minutes on Video)

After this step, keep adding pieces to make the hair longer (0:30 Minutes on Video)

TIP: Rather than adding a lot of pieces to make the hair longer, focus on layering the pieces next to each other to create a more defined look to mimic the strands of hair (0:39 Minutes on Video)

TIP: To create longer strands of hair click the ' - ' button on the zoom bar on the left, and keep zooming out until the piece of hair is the size you want (0:40 Minutes on Video)

Next, you will need to add some detail. This can be done by layering some highlights on to the high points of the wig (The top left section, and you can choose to add soft streaks towards the base if you wish). (2:05 Minutes on Video)

TIP: By adding highlights (2:05 Minutes on Video), and baby hairs at the base of the hairline (1:12 minutes on video), it makes the hair look more natural, giving soft appearance.

Once you are satisfied with the side you were working on, move on to the other side!

TIP: Don't be afraid to edit! - If you're worried you may 'mess up' or 'ruin' your work, SAVE your wig, and then re-enter the design mode by pressing 'EDIT'. This way, you can edit your work, and if you don't like it, you can quit and your changes will not be saved.

Now for the right side of the wig.

I started the right side by outlining the way the hair will flow down the shoulder. Once i placed this piece where I wanted it, I moved on to filling in the hair. (2:20 Minutes on Video)

TIP: When you go to pace pieces together, it is easier to make the hair look more blended, when you place two ends of a jagged piece of hair (Image 1), then you can layer on translucent pieces to make the transition appear seamless! Compared to Image 2, the hair can look a bit unnatural when placed together, as the pieces, and the highlights do not flow. (2:02 Minutes on Video)

Individual Pieces:

Pieces when placed together:

Once I was happy with the way the wig was looking, I started to add highlights.

TIP: Highlights are to be added to the high points of the hair to make the wig appear more natural!   (5:30 Minutes on Video)

TIP: You can also add translucent pieces of hair slightly over the hair 'boundary' to mimic a sort of 'fuzziness' as seen on real hair  (5:40 Minutes on Video)

To Finish the wig, its optional to add some stronger highlights that go horizontally across the wig, to mimic a real hair shine (5:55 Minutes on Video)

And that's it everyone!! I really hoped you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy Wig Making!

Love Lana xx



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