Guest Writer- Halloween Makeup Tips & Tricks

Our Guest Writer for the Week is Gracie! SD User: BookLover29
Halloween Makeup Tips & Tricks

Hey guys! It’s me, the one and only Gracie! If y’all don’t know who I am by now, you’re either new or oblivious.

So Halloween is tomorrow and many people like to dress up their dolls for the occasion. Maybe you want to as well, but you don’t have any of those wonderfully gory stardesign wounds to make it work. Don’t lose hope! There are many ways to use the items that you already have in your beauty parlor. Here are a few ways to get your last-minute costume makeup together:

1. Eyelashes!! Goodness, I am the biggest supporter of giant eyelashes for halloween. I’m especially fond of the starcoin multi-length ones because they not only make the area around your eyes much darker than just eyeshadow can, but they also add a nice dramatic spidery effect.

2. Stardesign accessories/tattoos! There are many ways you can use your random design accessories to add to your costume. I find that chokers are especially great because they can be used as blindfolds, gags, and headpieces!

3. Contrast! You don’t have to be in all black to be spooky for halloween! Often times using a mix of light and dark colors produces a much more dramatic effect. Using either black eyes/eye makeup with a light features or white eyes/eye makeup with a dark features is a great way to mix things up and still get a good haunting look. Its super easy to create eye coverings in stardesign, but if you can’t, you can use black tear drops to cover most eye shapes.

4. Here’s one y’all will really like: Strong Contour! Many of you already use masks to contour your doll’s faces but, particularly around the cheekbones, it can have a powerful effect. Great for achieving the “sunken in/skeletal” look!

5. Jewelry! Piercings, masks, or necklaces, use them all! Piercings are great used normally, but can also be used in the eyes or lips to create things like cyborg eyes or vampire fangs. Many of the masks on stardoll are already halloween-themed or the ones that just go around the side of the eyes. Both of these are very easy to enhance using makeup. Necklaces, like stardesign chokers, can be used as headpieces or to cover mouths.

6. Lastly, just a quick makeup tip! Never underestimate the power of blush. If you have a dark color of blush, you can use it underneath the eye with dark eyeshadow on top to create a darker, more balanced look.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
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