Styled by you, styled by me #2

Hi everyone! It's been quiet a while since I've posted my fragment as you might have noticed.
This was due to the fact that Stardoll hadn't brought, in my opinion,
any quality releases to make outfits from or feature someone's outfit from.
There releases have been honestly ridiculous, thank god there was Subcouture to semi save this situation.

As mentioned above I styled a look using an item from the
last Subcouture collection, which came 
as a pleasant surprise for me, as where I did not like it at all
at first, the pieces are starting to grow on me
and there's actually some really good staple pieces.

For this outfit I styled the 'Supersize Hoop Earrings' one of the 
must have pieces from Subcouture
if you ask me.

I went for a more masculine, boxy, street wear-ish look this time, 
taking inspiration from this amazing FILA top from SCAINETT and
working an outfit around it. I paired it with a white sweater underneath
to elongate the sleeves and went for a striped accent just peeping out
underneath the bottom of the top. Creating a mess, actually, with
different types of prints is one of my favorite things to do
so for pants I chose these cuffed checkered ones.

To complete the street look I accessorized with the Subcouture earrings, a simple black cap
and my new favorite shoes, the Raf Simons Ozweego's 2, recreated on Stardoll
by ThePerpetua paired with some net socks.

For my second segment I wanted to find someone who made a look, which in contrary to mine 
was more sophisticated and sleek.
As looking for this i found this amazing look by Mery.-
who styled the 'Oversized Pearl Trenchcoat'. 

She combined it with an identically colored fur stole, which works
absolutely amazing with the coat and under that an all white attire. This attire
existing of a white blouse with some gold detailing on the collar and some 
simple white culottes. 

Other than the fur stole she chose to accessorize with 
some delicate golden hoop earrings, a pair of white statement sunglasses 
and pointy white heels with a thick chunky heel. 

I'd love to see how you guys styled this Subcouture release!

Till next time!

x x x




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